Walker Season 1, Episode 4, Recap and Spoilers for ‘Don’t Fence Me In’

Walker and Micki begin to grow closer as a crime-fighting team, while the Texas Ranger family begins to move forward in the latest episode.

WARNING: The following contains important spoilers for Walker Episode 4, “Don’t Fence Me In,” aired Thursday on The CW.

Racial and immigration policies collide Walker in the professional and personal life of Cordell Walker. As Walker and Micki Ramirez attempt to team up on another patrol, they arrest Enzo, a member of the Olivados, a gang that has been active throughout Texas for some time. Enzo is seriously injured from an earlier encounter with the local sheriff before fleeing the scene of his boss’s murder. At a bust-recognizable press conference, Micki later confronts Enzo’s daughter, Delia, and is clearly uncomfortable with his increased time in the limelight. Later, Micki confides to her boyfriend Trey Barnett that she felt her superiors were using her Latino background to present a good face to the public when arresting a Latino suspect.

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As the Walkers continue to move back to the family ranch, August finds a box with some souvenirs, wears a baseball cap, and hides a phone, only for his father to retrieve the box, saying it belonged to an old case he worked on. As Walker places the box in the basement, he finds old letters written to his mother Abby suggesting that his parents’ marriage is not as stable as he believed. Meanwhile, as part of her court-ordered community service for her marijuana bust, Stella and her best friend Isabel start working on a ranch where Stella is noticed by a cute young ranch hand and approaches him.

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After learning that Enzo died of his injuries in custody, Walker and Micki continue their investigation, questioning their daughter and the family of the murder victim at the ranch where he worked. The Texas Rangers are shocked to learn that the ranch owner left his property to Enzo, who was apparently a loyal employee prior to the murder. Because Enzo is the prime suspect, ownership may revert to the rancher’s wife, and the imminent results of Enzo’s autopsy will determine his guilt in the murder.

Looking at some sketches with Trey, Micki realizes that Enzo was the rancher’s illegitimate son and quickly shares his discovery with Walker, and the two confirm it through a DNA test. The rancher’s wife reacts defensively to the news, and the Rangers gain access to security footage from the ranch to learn that she entered into a relationship with the sheriff while her husband completely excluded her from his will. While Captain Larry James is not thrilled with the logistical nightmare of confronting a fellow in law before him, he agrees that the matter needs to be further investigated.

With Walker secretly on the phone to listen in, Micki confronts the sheriff while traveling with him with the revelation that Enzo’s cause of death was from being hit by a gun that belonged to the corrupt cop. The sheriff tries to kill Micki, but she and Walker stop and arrest him for Enzo’s murder. With Enzo clear, the ranch goes to Delia, and Walker and Micki celebrate a successful case closed with a quality barbecue and bourbon at headquarters.

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As Walker’s brother Liam investigates an immigration case for Isabel’s parents to prevent them from being deported, he worries when he learns that Captain James ordered Walker to stay away from the trials. However, Walker has problems of his own from his recent past: August discovered photos of Walker’s past undercover work where he looks happier than ever. As Walker insists his undercover life is behind him, he discovers that August has been using his undercover character’s phone, with Walker’s former contact assuming the fake identity is back on the streets.

The last episode of Walker marked the first without the series resorting to any of its usual flashbacks, as the reboot’s main cast begins to move on with their lives. However, as Walker tries to move on, his son’s natural curiosity will cause his undercover life to return to hunt down the Texas Ranger in a big way for the foreseeable future.

Walker stars Jared Padalecki, Lindsey Morgan, Keegan Allen, Mitch Pileggi, Molly Hagan, and Coby Bell. New episodes air Thursdays at 8 pm ET / PT on The CW.

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