Evan Peters plays Quicksilver on WandaVision, but Episode 6 confirms that he’s still Pietro from the MCU, not the one from Fox’s X-Men movies.

Evan Peters is playing Quicksilver in WandaVision, but the events of Episode 6 rule out the theory that his appearance as Pietro Maximoff makes Fox X Men movies part of the MCU canon. While WandaVision It’s been full of surprising twists and turns, her biggest coming at the end of episode 5. When Wanda opened the door, she was greeted by Evan Peters as Quicksilver, with Darcy Lewis, who was looking back at SWORD’s camp, commenting that he had been “refurbish,” since the character was previously played in Avengers: Age of Ultron by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The arrival of Peters Quicksilver to WandaVision It raised several questions, one of which was what this meant for the X-Men movies. While the X-Men and mutants were off limits when Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver made their MCU debuts, Disney’s takeover of Fox means they’re now on the table. Along with the multiverse that becomes more focused during Phase 4, then Peters’s appearance in WandaVision it could have been the first step in introducing the X-Men to the MCU.

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In WandaVision Episode 6, a little more light is shed on Pietro’s arrival at Westview. It is confirmed that Wanda was the one responsible for bringing him into his altered reality, even if she was not fully aware of it. Plus, Quicksilver even references your Ultron age death, saying: “I was shot like a fool in the street for no reason, and the next thing I knew I heard you call me.” While the memory of Pietro’s events may be a bit harsh on Hawkeye, it makes it clear that this is supposed to be the same Quicksilver that always existed in the MCU, but with a few changes to help avoid triggering Scarlet Witch’s trauma. , which is even used in the episode to explain why Pietro looks like Evan Peters instead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

All of this means that the Fox X-Men movies are not part of the MCU canon, even within the broader multiverse, and that they have yet to begin featuring mutants. However, that’s not bad and it makes sense. The idea that this Quicksilver is the same as the one who died fits best with the way the show is exploring Scarlet Witch’s most devastating losses and painful experiences. Like Vision’s corpse in WandaVision Episode 4, Quicksilver appears as their bullet-riddled corpse in Episode 6, drawing more parallels between how and why Wanda ended up bringing them back, while stressing that neither of them are actually “alive” at this point. In fact, as if to emphasize the point, Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver death scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron It is even shown as part of the “earlier in” recap at the beginning of the episode.

While the X-Men setup will likely be a factor in Marvel’s Phase 4, more pertinent to WandaVision she’s exploring Scarlet Witch’s pain and growing instability, which is why she ended up bringing Pietro back. He may not look like he used to, but he’s still her brother rather than a completely different person. There is still room for WandaVision However, to set up the X-Men even further, be it from the Fox movies, perhaps with a cameo from Magneto, or more likely with new castings. Marvel will surely want to do their thing when it comes to mutants, so a fresh start makes more sense than doing canon from existing movies.

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