In light of Quicksilver’s arrival on WandaVision, a new fan edit imagines what it would look like if Magneto fought Vision in a future episode.

A WandaVision The fan-edited video imagines what it would be like if Magneto fought Vision on the show. Vision and Wanda’s marriage is on the brink of unraveling as the Synth├ęzoid becomes increasingly suspicious of his wife and his life in Westview. This was started by Agnes’ strange actions at the beginning of WandaVision Episode 5, “In a Very Special Episode …”, followed by a strange encounter with Norm at work.

Vision eventually confronted Wanda about what is really going on in the city, resulting in a heated discussion which confirmed that Vision does not remember anything before he and Wanda moved to Westview. Scarlet Witch was almost ready to explain herself when they were distracted by Quicksilver’s arrival. However, it was not the version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, but rather Fox’s iteration of X-Men, with Evan Peters reprising his role.

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It’s unclear how Marvel’s speedster came to the MCU, but it opens up the possibility that his partner X-Men Magneto will also appear in WandaVision. Given the development of episode 5, fanvax_ imagine what it would be like if Magneto came face to face with Vision at some point in the remaining episodes of WandaVision. Check out the clip below:

However Peters’ Quicksilver appeared in the MCU, his role could be an indication that Marvel Studios is looking to bring other mutants from the now-defunct franchise into their own established universe. Considering that the multiverse will be an important part of Phase 4 and beyond, Marvel can attribute this situation to how the Maximoff Anomaly in WandaVision it could be altering the natural order of the universe. Regardless, seeing Magneto enter the MCU, be it the Michael Fassbender or Ian McKellen version, would be a welcome development considering both actors did a great job playing the role. Perhaps Marvel Studios can also address one of the biggest unsolved plot holes in Fox’s X-Men franchise and have Magneto finally find out that Quicksilver is his son.

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Whether or not Magneto appears in WandaVision It’s still unknown at this point, but based on this fan edit, it may seem like Magneto is siding with Scarlet Witch in the escalating fight between the show’s main characters. Quicksilver may have delayed your honest conversation, but it will inevitably happen. Just because his wife’s “brother” has turned up doesn’t mean that Vision will put his suspicions aside; in any case, you will be more motivated to find answers to your questions. This is backed up by footage from the trailer showing him trying to get out of Westview, which should provide an exciting moment in the latter half of WandaVision season 1.

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