Warframe’s new spring content update revealed in gameplay trailer

A new trailer for the Warframe Spring Content Update has been released, showing what players can expect from Call of the Tempestarii, Star Days, and more.

Developer Digital Extremes released a new trailer for Warframe Spring content update, featuring Call of the Tempestarii, Star Days, and more. The spring content release serves as the first major update to the free title since Tencent-owned Chinese company Leyou bought a majority stake in Digital Extremes.

Following the news of the change in senior management, Warframe studio insisted that it plans to continue operating in a “creatively independent“Fashion. As such, fans need not worry that their favorite online shooter may start to experience drastic changes overnight due to outside influences. This seems evident in the upcoming content update, which includes plans from Digital. Extremes that have been in place for quite some time.

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In a preview of the game, Senior Community Manager Megan discusses what’s in store for Warframeit is new spring content. Players can join in on the Valentine’s Day themed fun in Star Days from now until February 24. The event begins with a trip to Fortuna, where Ticker will weave a love story, followed by Tenno obtaining rewards such as the Eros Ephemera wings. From February 16 to March 5, Warframe will celebrate the year of the Ox with Lunar Renewal “,time-limited alerts“with new customization items and three additional packs. Octavia’s Prime form arrives on February 23, introducing a much more powerful version of the character that will allow players to create their own custom music with their Mandachord. Finally, the game trailer shows more of the incoming changes for Raijack in Call of the Tempestarii. This particular part of the update is still lacking in firm release details, but fans can expect to find plenty of twists and turns during their search for the new Warframe, Sevagoth.

All of the above will certainly keep the Warframe faithful busy for weeks. And there is currently no word on how Digital Extremes intends to continue expanding the experience once the spring content release is complete. However, Xbox fans are still waiting Warframe Xbox Series X Update | S; A similar next-gen update was released for the PlayStation 5 late last year, with exclusive content.

Besides the latest update, Digital Extremes has another reason to celebrate the upcoming spring season. March will mark the eighth anniversary of Warframe original release in 2013. That it’s still going strong after all this time is an incredible feat, especially when you consider the amount of live services that have come and gone in the many years since.

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Warframe is available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X platforms | S.

Source: PlayWarframe

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