What Magic: The Gathering’s 5 Most Popular Trading Cards Were in 2020

Magic: The Gathering remained a popular TCG throughout 2020, but which cards were the most popular in terms of purchases? Here is the Top 5.

From 1993, Magic: The Gathering has become one of the most popular trading card games in the world. The TCG remained popular in 2020, and some of its cards were much more popular than others last year. Then which one Magic: The Gathering were cards the most popular in terms of purchases in 2020? Here are the top five.

Demand for Magic: The Gathering the cards keep going up. Last month, an Alpha Black Lotus card sold for more than half a million dollars. It is true that most cards are not sold therefore, which is why the Alpha Black Lotus card made headlines, but the demand for Magic letters is still incredibly high.

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Now, thanks to a sales report from eBay, it has been revealed what the five most popular cards were for Magic: The Gathering in 2020. They are based on individual card sales from January 2020 to December 2020, and it’s worth noting that Magic: The Gathering it was the fourth most popular TCG on the auction site last year. While the actual sales numbers for the individual cards weren’t shared, they were ranked, allowing everyone to know which cards took the top spots.

EBay’s 5 Most Popular Magic Cards: The Gathering Cards in 2020

Magic the Gathering Standard Plus

While Magic: The GatheringThe most powerful cards are usually quite popular, some of eBay’s top five MTG the cards can still surprise fans. Tarmogoyf came in fifth, a rare card that typically sells for at least $ 30 on most sites. Fourth place went to Snapcaster Mage, another rare and useful card that sells for roughly the same amount. Third was Swords To Plowshare, which exiles a target creature and gives the controller a life equal to that creature’s power.

The # 2 most popular Magic: The Gathering card in 2020 was Thoughtseize, which may be helpful in countering some of the MagicThe strongest cards. However, the # 1 spot went to Force of Will, a card that can cost $ 75 or more depending on its condition. This card is primarily played in a competitive format, where decks can be pricey, but it’s a commander staple that could explain its popularity. While many of these more popular cards are useful, many are purchased to complete sets or for collector value. And as TCG collection is expected to increase in the future, the value of these cards should continue to increase.

It is interesting to see which Magic: The Gathering cards are the most popular based on individual sales. It’s a great way for collectors (and sellers) to see trends and predict which cards will sell well in the future. It’s also a fun way to find out which cards are in greatest demand.

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Source: eBay

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