Why Among Us reminds Smash Bros. creator of card games

While fans are expecting an Among Us crossover, Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai says he thinks Among Us is like card games. This is why.

Fans have been waiting for a crossover with Among us Y Super Smash Bros. for some time, and the creator of Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, recently shared some of his thoughts on the social deduction game from independent studio InnerSloth. Interestingly, compare Among us to card games, here’s why.

In his recent Famitsu column, Masahiro Sakurai shared his thoughts on Among us. This includes Sakurai’s thoughts on the popularity of the game and how long he thinks the popularity will last. These concerns are justified, as some industry experts predict games like Among us who went big in 2020 will lose their player bases once the COVID-19 restrictions lift. But since the pandemic continues, that means it could be months or even years before that starts to happen.

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In the column, Sukurai says he enjoys Among usbut he is not sure if it will be a lasting match. It’s probably bad news for fans who were expecting a Among us Y Smash bros. crossover, as it appears Sakurai doesn’t plan to feature an Imposter fighter in Smash Bros. anytime. Sakurai also compares Among us to card games, which may seem like an odd comparison until you explain why.

Why Smash Bros.? Sakurai thinks that between us it’s like a card game

Masahiro Sakurai among us

When discussing your thoughts on Among us, Masahiro Sakurai compares the game to playing cards, because the strategy in Among us it’s based on “natural instincts“rather than the mechanics of the actual game. In other words, the fun of the game depends on the players and not on the game itself.

Actually, this is quite a valid assessment, as even the best gaming games Among us it can be ruined by hackers or cheaters. Even being part of a group with people who abuse emergency meeting calls can mess things up. So, it’s understandable why Sakurai could feel like this. However, it is a criticism that many people might also point to. Smash Bros. or any number of other multiplayer games that can be played online, so maybe all hope for a Among us Y Smash bros. the crossing is not lost, after all.

For now, a crossover with Among us Y Smash Bros. It may seem like an unrealistic dream, and the mods may be the closest thing to an official Impostor fighter that fans can get. Sakurai’s comparison of Among us to card games is quite interesting, and it is worth nothing that the Smash Bros. the creator likes the game. so yes Among us remains popular long enough, maybe fans will finally get their fighter.

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