Why Drew Carey Used to Show Up at The Sims House Parties

The Sims and Drew Carey go back a long way, with the host of The Price Right making a guest appearance in The Sims House Party expansion pack.

The Sims he is no stranger to celebrity guests; Past expansions have focused on pop sensation Katy Perry and the characters from Lost. The original The Sims The celebrity cameo, however, belongs to Drew Carey. Carey is now the host of The price is ok, but was best known for his sitcom and animatronic appearance in one of Disney’s worst rides when he appeared in The Sims. As the series’ first celebrity inclusion, the bespectacled funnyman set the stage for many collaborations to come, and the way he appears in-game remains a unique quirk of the original. The Sims.

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Carey was featured in one of the first of what would be many The Sims expansions to come, Party in the House. The crux of this add-on is the ability to host a party, with Carey as a reward for doing everything right. Players must hire entertainers, invite a good number of people, and keep things fun for at least 135 minutes in the game for a big celebrity to find out.

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Once the party reaches its peak, Carey’s Sim NPC in the game will roll into a limo to further spice things up. Carey will greet all the Sims at the party once they arrive, including any ghosts that are haunting the house. Everyone there will continue to think of Carey for the rest of the party once he arrives, including pets and robots in attendance, but players cannot have their Sims interact with him in any meaningful way, due to his NPC status.

Why is Drew Carey the first celebrity cameo on The Sims?

Sims PC console comparison

It can be confusing for The Sims Fans learned that Drew Carey, of all celebrities, was developer Maxis’ first choice during the days of the original game. A cameo of his may have made more sense in a fighting video game than in a social sim, after all, due to his Royal Rumble appearances. However, two separate episodes of The Drew Carey to show parodied The Sims, which helped cement the game as a mainstay of pop culture. One episode had the characters speak Simlish throughout the opening, while the other featured an animated scene using the game. Including the comedy title star was probably a nice compensation for all that conventional exposure.

Today, with her performance as a game show host and her renewed image, Carey has once again become a celebrity who would be a perfect fit in the modern world. The Sims games. If EA is ever looking for a game show host for a future expansion, it would be a huge throwback to include the man behind the Plinko board as a nostalgic callback to the classic The Sims game.

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