Why Mike Myers (the actor) turned down a planned H20 Halloween cameo

Comedian Mike Myers was asked to make a hilarious cameo in Halloween H20, but he turned it down. Here’s why Myers chose not to appear in the movie.

Here’s why comedian Mike Myers turned down a surprise cameo in Halloween H20. After the weak critical and commercial reception of 1995 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, the franchise was in danger of going straight to video. This was the original plan for the seventh inning. Halloween H20But after Jamie Lee Curtis became nostalgic for the series that helped launch her career, the film was later reworked as a theatrical star vehicle that reunited her with iconic slasher Michael Myers.

Halloween H20 finds Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode forced to confront her murderous brother Michael two decades after the events of Halloween II. The film was also retconned Halloween 3 to 6 out of stock, which created a bad habit in the franchise as H20 itself was later reconfigured by David Gordon Green 2018 Hallowe’en restart. Said that H20 is one of the best-received entries in the franchise, with the famous Curtis bringing in his mother, Janet Leigh, the star of Alfred Hitchcock. Psychosis – in a cameo. Having reunited two of the most famous Scream Queens in on-screen horror, the sequel almost went one step further by uniting Michael Myers (the slasher) and Mike Myers (the actor).

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In Halloween H20’s Commentary on Blu-ray between Jamie Lee Curtis and director Steve Miner, the actress revealed that she wanted a scene in which Mike Myers passes Laurie on a street, prompting the character to do a comedic double take. Obviously, the gag is a very meta nod to Myers who shares the same name as Of Halloween lead slasher, and Curtis herself felt this would have been a fun Easter egg. It seems that the comedy star himself did not think so, as according to Curtis in the comment, Mike Myers bluntly closed the deal.

Mike Myers and Michael Myers on Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis ‘Exact Wording of How Myers’ “Close. We. DOWN.“It alludes to the fact that the actor responded negatively to the request, although the director Miner intervenes and affirms that the actor had his own reasons for dying. He does not explain those reasons, although there are some options. During the filming of Halloween H20 Myers was working on three movies; 54, mockumentary The thin pink line Y Pete’s meteorite. As such, you may just not have had time in your schedule to get to the planned cameo.

There is also the possibility that you have heard Mike Myers / Michael Myers throw up too many times over the years and have been irritated by it. Regardless, Myers rejected the Halloween H20 cameo and has yet to appear in the franchise. David Gordon Green isn’t above a meta nod or two in his version of the series, so maybe Jamie Lee Curtis’ wish will come true and Myers will appear in Halloween deaths or planned sequel Halloween ends.

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