The Legacies musical episode paid homage to The Vampire Diaries, but fan favorite Bonnie Bennett was notably absent. It is part of a larger CW problem.

Recently, The vampire diaries cleave Legacies transmitted his first musical episode, but surprisingly Bonnie Bennett did not appear, but there is a reason. The spin-off was created by Julie Plec and follows a new generation of supernatural creatures attending the Salvatore School in Mystic Falls. The show features characters that originated in The vampire diaries Y The originals, and continues to expand in the TVD universe, and the first musical episode was all about that connection. Season 3, Episode 3 “Salvatore: The Musical!” It was originally scheduled to air during season 2, but was delayed when filming for the show was halted last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The musical was the brainchild of a sprite named Mr. Goodfellow, who enlisted Landon Kirby to write the Hogwarts-style musical history of the institution. Landon’s performance focuses almost exclusively on the epic love triangle between Damon and Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert, played by Kaleb Hawkins, Jed, and Josie Saltzman, respectively. “Salvatore: The musical!” It also featured Lizzie Saltzman as Caroline Forbes-Salvatore and Mr. Goodfellow addressing the role of TVD Y OriginalsKlaus Mikaelson. A glaring omission from Landon’s work was Bonnie Bennett.

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Legacies writer Thomas Brandon wrote “Salvatore: The Musical!” and according THAT, Brandon trusted Plec and Legacies to Executive Producer Brett Matthews for key moments from the eight-season show. Plec stated: “I loved that it was someone who had just been a viewer of The Vampire Diaries who was writing the musical from their own point of view.” Brandon apparently did not consider Bonnie an integral part of the show. Many memorable moments and characters didn’t make the cut, but Bonnie’s absence was canceled in a particularly derogatory way when Landon stated that she disappeared for long periods of time, giving him an excuse to exclude her. However, plots like Elena’s Vampire DiariesThe comatose sleep period in which Bonnie played a pivotal role was recognized. Although Landon’s comment was brazen, the snub resonated more deeply because Legacies lacks a central female character who is a POC, which speaks to larger issues regarding the starring roles of black women and the CW’s highly publicized issues surrounding how the network treats its minority talent.

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Bonnie Bennett The Vampire Diaries

Many viewers were outraged by the snub and took to social media to express their disappointment. The episode rekindled frustration over how Bonnie was sidelined during The vampire diaries. Bonnie was called in to save her friends, even though it came at a high personal cost. His grief and feelings of loss were often downplayed compared to Elena and Caroline’s. After Nina Dobrev left The vampire diaries, Bonnie eventually got a meaningful love interest and screen time that wasn’t entirely about self-sacrifice. When Bonnie finally packed her bags for unknown parties during the series finale, it was the first time she felt compelled to please just herself.

Nevertheless, Legacies it continues to drag Bonnie back into the fray, and the spin-off makes the same mistake as its predecessor by failing to take credit for its due. When speaking of the musical episode to THAT, Brandon stated, “So it’s the idea that we could use this story to help people see Hope’s family in a different way, to help Lizzie understand her mom in a different way, so that Josie understands Aunt. Elena in a different way. “ (The Saltzman twins never alluded to their “Aunt Elena”). Yes, Legacies It’s about a new generation, specifically the offspring of Caroline and Klaus, but Bonnie’s blood and magic are her legacies, and the show continues to capitalize on the character’s popularity, indirectly making her an essential part of many spin-off stories.

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