X-Force: an Omega-level mutant has a new attitude and a new costume

An Omega-level mutant is ready to finally face the future head-on in X-Force, and that includes obtaining a new costume.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Force # 17 by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara, Guru-eFX’s Joe Caramagna and VC, on sale now

Thanks to the diverse futures that have been teased by Marvel over the years, there are several young heroes who have the power and influence to shape the Marvel Universe for the next generation. One of the potentially most powerful is Quentin Quire, an Omega-level telekinetic mutant and telepath. And even though he’s come a long way since the disturbances began at the Xavier Institute, his general demeanor has not suggested that he is anything like a hero.

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But thanks to Phoebe Cuckoo, that begins to change in X-Force # 17. Now, Quentin Quire is finally reaching the point where he can grow into the hero he has always had the potential to become, and he celebrates that change in a new costume.

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Since he debuted in Grant Morrison and Keron Grant’s New X-Men # 134, Quentin Quire has been through a lot, even compared to his fellow drama-prone mutant teenagers. After leading a mutant rebellion New X-Men and losing his corporeal body, Quire returned just in time to be the spark that would lead the X-Men to plunge into internal struggle in Schism. He was taken in by Wolverine’s X-Men and given a place in his new school, allowing Quire to grow as a person and really make connections. He ended up befriending his classmates, finding a place of understanding with Wolverine, and even learning about his eventual destiny of becoming the host of the Phoenix Force as a major hero in his own right. In the Krakoa era, Quire has remained a proud hero, albeit with a terrible tendency to die on the battlefield and require the resurrection of the Five.

Reflecting on his multiple deaths after another solo mission resulted in his disappearance, Quire talks to his girlfriend, Phoebe of the Cuckoo Sisters. Phoebe helps him investigate the circumstances of his most recent death and even reaches out to him to open up. Phoebe forces Quire to finally come to terms with the fact that he is not the center of the universe and that he has the potential to be a great man. He even looks at his past and how it transformed him into what he is. They agree that Quire finally needs to grow up and start acting like the hero he could become.

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To this end, Phoebe suggests that the first step is to adopt a new look, leaving behind the punk-rock aesthetic you’ve had for years. While visiting mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation, Phoebe watches as Jumbo designs a new costume for the Omega-level mutant. After a couple more tries, they decide on a different black suit. Seemingly not dissimilar to Alex Ross’ redesigns for the X-Men, Quire’s costume makes it clear that he is still his by incorporating bright pink lines, similar to his hairstyle and the appearance of his powers. Quire even had the Fives modify his body upon resurrection, giving him perfect eyesight and making his glasses a fashion choice, one that Quire now even changes to be a psychic representation of glasses instead of actual frames.

It is also notable that Quire’s costume bears some similarity in terms of color to his eventual Phoenix look, which also employed a black leather design. The biggest change is the substitution of deep red and yellow for Quire’s signature pink, though the Phoenix colors will likely only come when Quire accepts his role as Phoenix.

Overall, this is a big step for the former juvenile offender, bringing him closer to becoming the universally important Omega-level mutant that he has always been capable of becoming. This also suggests that Quire might be willing to finally step up and drop his most childish and immature elements, becoming the kind of active duty field telepath that X-Force really needs him to be to keep up with threats. like XENO and the Orchis. Protocol.

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