X-Men: Mastermind reminds the Hellions that he is strong enough to fool the Phoenix

The X-Men villain Mastermind, one of the main architects behind the Dark Phoenix Saga, has just returned to remind Marvel mutants of how strong he is.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Hellions # 9 by VC’s Zeb Wells, Stephen Segovia, David Curiel and Ariana Maher, on sale now.

There are many powerful mutants out there, but Krakoa’s psychic population may be among the most powerful groups in the Marvel Universe. Even relatively dark and forgotten figures can be strong enough with their abilities to take down entire teams on their own, like a classic X-Men villain who just returned in a game. very Big road.

In Hellions # 9, Mastermind just reminded the X-Men how dangerous he really is, casually taking down the entire Hellions roster on his own.

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Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1964 X Men # 4, Jason Wyngarde was one of the original members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, serving under Magneto, he was still a staunch enemy of humanity. His ability to create perfectly realistic illusions made him a decently deadly foe to the early X-Men. What he lacked in physical prowess, he made up for in creative cruelty. Mastermind’s greatest feat came when he was invited to join the Hellfire Club, a gang of powerful and wealthy mutants. Mastermind was recruited to help control a part of the Phoenix Force that she believed to be Jean Gray, who had become increasingly the most powerful of the X-Men thanks to her interactions with the Phoenix during the monumental “Phoenix Saga. Dark “by Chris Claremont. , John Byrne, Terry Austin, Tom Orzechowski, and Glynis Wein.

Using his abilities, Mastermind was able to briefly control Jean and trick her into joining the Hellfire Club as the Black Queen, unaware that she was actually playing with the cosmic Phoenix Force under the guise of Jean Gray. When the Phoenix was released from her influence, she used her psionic abilities to open her mind to the full scope of the universe, leaving it in a catatonic state. Although Mastermind would wake up to fight the X-Men once more, he made amends shortly before dying from the Legacy Virus. Mastermind was one of the mutants silently revived by the Five, even appearing briefly during Empyre. But Mastermind seems to have turned his services against Krakoa and has accepted a job with Arcade: that is, capturing the Hellions and their commander, Mister Sinister.

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After word arrives that Sinister has been captured, the Hellions enter the field after him. But the entire team quickly finds themselves caught up in Mastermind’s illusions. Initially posing as his contact in New York after tricking Sage into sending them, Mastermind uses his abilities to completely mess with perceptions of the Hellions. By changing his location from a car to a boat to a plane, Mastermind even appears to be aiming straight and expelling mutants before they can use their powers, turning Psylocke to stone and Havok’s plasma blasts into harmless birds. While it may all be an illusion, it’s real enough to throw the team through a momentary loop, which is all Mastermind needs to show off their most impressive creation – an illusion that the Hellions have fallen from a plane.

The entire team, from his point of view, falls to their death. In reality, this act shocked their brains enough to knock them unconscious, all at once. It’s clearly a strenuous effort for Mastermind, especially considering Psylocke’s telepathic ability in particular, but he still proves capable of taking down an entire mutant team in one move.

Mister Sinister’s takedown of Mastermind is even more impressive, which didn’t even seem to happen thanks to his powers. Instead, Mastermind was able to gain an audience with Sinister and share a cup of tea with him. After lulling Sinister into a false sense of security with nothing but charm and words, Mastermind was effectively able to keep a straight face until Sinister had consumed enough spiked tea to collapse to the ground in pain.

Sinister is one of the more devious members of the Quiet Council, but even he didn’t expect Mastermind to be that tricky. Mastermind just took down an entire team of Krakoan mutants on his own, and even took down a member of the Silent Council without using his powers. Mastermind is dangerous enough to endanger forces as powerful as the Phoenix, and it seems he has gained even more confidence in his powers since then. Coupled with his apparent lack of loyalty to Krakoa for working with someone like Arcade, it seems that Mastermind could quietly be a far more dangerous mutant than anyone expected.

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