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Due to the harsh reality of current events and the COVID-19 pandemic, the highly anticipated twenty-fifth James Bond film, No time to die it was indefinitely delayed. Daniel Craig’s fifth and final term as 007 has been promised to be an event longtime Bond fans shouldn’t miss, but they will have to wait a bit before they can see it.

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Scheduled for a debut on October 8, 2021, No time to die He will follow Bond when he is forced to return to the world of cloak and dagger, only to encounter the most dangerous enemy possible. But even with this synopsis and some revealing interviews, No time to die remains shrouded in mystery.

10 It is the first Bond film directed by an American

Bond is synonymous with Great Britain, and literally all of his films were made by predominantly British teams and casts. No time to die marks a significant change for the franchise, with Real detective director Cary Fukunaga (above right) is the first American to direct a Bond film.

This would not have been the case if Sam Mendes and Danny Boyle had not retired. Mendes felt like he was done with Bond after Skyfall Y Spectrum, Saying that a third would not be “healthy”. Even so, Mendes “can’t wait” for Fukunaga’s movie and will attend its world premiere. Meanwhile, Boyle was hired to replace Mendes, but left due to creative differences with MGM.

9 Billie Eilish sang the title song

Billie Eilish No time to die

A Bond movie wouldn’t be complete without an original title track, and No time to die will keep this tradition with Billie Eilish singing it. This marks a return to the form of the franchise, as Spectrum it was one of the few installments that opened with a song (“Writing’s On The Wall” by Sam Smith) that did not bear the name of the film; a rarity in Bond history.

Eilish is the youngest artist to sing a Bond song, at just 18 years old when “No Time To Die” was recorded. The critically acclaimed song was Eilish’s first No. 1 hit on the UK Singles Chart Top 100 and peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. Best of all, the song won a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Media. Visuals

8 Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the second woman to write a Bond film

Phoebe waller-bridge and johanna harwood

For lack of better words, James Bond is a “men’s movie”, being a transparent power fantasy for men. This is what makes Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s involvement meaningful, as she is only the second woman after Johanna Harwood (Dr. No Y From Russia with love) to write a Bond movie.

No time to die went through numerous rewrites, with Waller-Bridge being the fifth writer after Neal Purvis and Robert Wade’s duo, John Hodge (Danny Boyle’s writing partner) and Cary Fukunaga. Craig invited Waller-Bridge to polish Fukunaga’s script as he loved his show Fleabag. Craig is famously shutting down a journalist who hinted that the addition of Waller-Bridge was a “Diversity Hiring”.

7 Phoebe Waller-Bridge believes the franchise can grow without time to die

James Bond flea bag

An enduring criticism of James Bond is that he is basically the cinematic embodiment of toxic masculinity and chauvinism. Waller-Bridge actually agrees with this, but doesn’t think Bond has to mature. For her, the one that needs to grow is the franchise that surrounds it.

As she said DeadlineBond is relevant in today’s age, but more of a bad example. For her, Bond may still be a womanizer and casually sexist as he always has, but the franchise itself has to acknowledge this and counter it by portraying its female characters correctly. It will be interesting to see how your perspective develops through your script and dialogue.

6 It’s set in Jamaica for a reason

Ian Flemming Jamaica

Yes No time to die If it were some other Bond movie, going through Jamaica wouldn’t attract attention. However, given that it is a major milestone for the legendary spy, the choice to set some action and drama in this specific country is anything but coincidence.

Jamaica was the setting and filming location for Dr. No, the first Bond movie. Also, Bond author Ian Fleming called Jamaica his second home, which is where he wrote a good number of 007 books. Jamaica named an airport (Ian Fleming International Airport) in his honor, making it the first author in English to obtain such an honor in the country.

5 Familiar faces return

No time to die returning to the cast

The Craig Bond era is notable for having a cohesive timeline rather than an episodic one, leading to recurring characters. While the return of M, Q, and Moneypenny is not a surprise, others are noteworthy. Specifically, Bond’s Spectrum love interest, Dr. Madeleine Swann (Bond girls having more than one movie is very rare), and her CIA liaison and friend Felix Leiter, who has not been seen since. Royal Casino.

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The biggest comeback is none other than Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who has been imprisoned following his defeat in Spectrum. Blofeld (who was rewritten as his half-brother with serious father issues) may not be the film’s central villain, but his rivalry with Bond has yet to die or even waned.

4 Lyutsifer Safin is said to be Bond’s worst nemesis

Lyutsifer safin

With 25 films and countless years of undying influence to his name, Bond has enjoyed having some of the most iconic movie villains of all time, from Goldfinger to Sean Bean in Golden eye. No time to die aims to overcome these evil legends with Lyutsifer Safin (Rami Malek), who Fukunaga promises to be Bond’s most dangerous enemy.

Fukunaga also revealed that Safin, a self-proclaimed anarchist, is the ex-SPECTER assassin responsible for killing Dr. Swann’s mother. Safin is also a hyper-intelligent madman, giving him a psychological advantage against Bond. According to Malek, his character sees himself as the hero of his own story, making him the dark reflection of Bond.

3 Nomi is (not) the next 007

Nomi there is no time to die

A crazy mix of confusion and excitement took the internet by storm when the trailers featured Nomi (Lashana Lynch, who was Maria Rambeu in Captain Marvel). This was because Nomi was touted as the newest double agent 0 and the latest 007, which, for some, almost confirmed that she was replacing Bond. The thing is, this is not the case … as far as we know.

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Spectrum it ended with Bond’s retirement and the 007 job vacant. Promoting MI6 to another agent with the 007 title only makes sense. That said, this does not confirm or discredit the wild theories that Bond will die in his next film, hypothetically leaving Nomi to inherit the mantle forever and bring the franchise to a new generation.

two ‘No Time To Die’ Is (Not) Daniel Craig’s Final Link Movie

James Bond No time to die

What reinforces the aforementioned theory is the fact that Daniel Craig appears to have a love / hate relationship with Bond. In the now infamous interview with Time is over during the construction of Spectrum, Craig said he would only make a sequel if he was paid an astronomical amount of money. He eventually returned, but only after a nearly five-year hiatus from the franchise.

Even if he said that No time to die It’s his last Bond interview mission, it’s too early to tell if Craig’s decision is final. That said, the trailers’ sense of purpose seems to confirm it. Many speculate that, unlike previous Bond Eras, Craig’s will end with a definite coda. Only time will tell if this means that their bond will die or not.

1 Bond will face his irrelevance in the film

Popular as it is, many wonder why Bond still exists, given that he is both a relic of the Cold War and an outdated symbol of masculinity. The Craig Era made this complaint its central theme, with an aging and vulnerable Bond facing his mortality and irrelevance more than once. No time to die you have no intention of abandoning this idea and can actually duplicate it.

In an interview, Fukunaga described his take on Bond as a “wounded animal” who is struggling to readjust to the world of espionage after his retirement. Making Bond further question his past actions and his career as a double agent 0 is Safin himself. In the trailer, Safin bragged that he fired Bond as he can do everything Bond can do, but better and more brutally.

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