10 Funniest Lines From Honey’s Movies, I Shrunk The Kids, Ranked

the Baby I shrunk the kids The trilogy was released in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the movies remain a favorite with many fans, even enough to have shows about the original props. Each movie has essentially the same setup, as a scientist continually tries to perfect his retractable beam for dangerous and hilarious results, from accidentally shrinking his children to shrinking adults.

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Disney movies have a classic 90s family feel, from the cast of characters to the setting, making them nostalgic to see most people, even if they didn’t grow up in the 90s. The movies are a fun balance between family comedy and science fiction, which is a rare and excellent combination.

10 “The early worm catches the fish, Russell, remember that.”

Baby I shrugged the children's neighbor

In the first movie, the Szalinskis’ neighbors, the Thompsons, are also strange, but in a different way. Mr. Thompson demonstrates how strange he is with this line by misquoting a well-known proverb: “He who rises early catches the worm.”

The family goes fishing, so he tries to modify it and give some advice to his teenage son, Russell, who is distancing himself even more from his father. The neighbor stutters a bit while uttering this line, which makes it sound even more comical.

9 “Baseball is just a phase, it will pass. But science is always great.”

darling we shrunk adults

At the beginning of the third movie, Szalinski’s son Adam brings up the fact that he doesn’t want to go to science camp and has other interests than his father or brothers. The adults cringe and see Adam looking at something so he says his father would freak out if he knew he had. Adults understandably assume that it is pornography, but when Wayne walks over to see it, he sees that it is a Sports Illustrated magazine and that his son is more interested in baseball than science.

He responds with this line which is quite funny and shows that many parents are surprised and can resist when their children have different interests than theirs.

8 “On the other hand, we have come up with an interesting way to make applesauce.”

Baby I shrunk the kids

At the beginning of the first movie, Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) is trying to make his retractable beam work by shrinking an apple, but instead the apple explodes all over his face. He sits defeated next to the family dog, Quark, and says this line.

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It’s a fun line, but it also shows how relentless Szalinski is in running his machine and how he almost never stops, even when an apple explodes in his face.

7 “It’s time! I have to put you to work! I have a great test today.”

wayen darling I blew up the kid

Wayne is so frantic in the second movie, as Diane reminds him that he has to drop off his son before going to work that morning.

Wayne looks at his watch and realizes that they will be late if they don’t leave by then and as usual he is a bit frantic and confused where they are going when he says he has to look for his son. Nick to work because he has to go to school for a big test.

6 “Hello, you have reached the Szalinskis. Please leave a message, a fax or a binary file after the beep.”

Rick Moranis - Honey, We Shrunk (with Stuart Pankin)

Throughout all three movies, it’s clear that the Szalinski family is weird and full of Wayne’s technological inventions, like their mail chute that runs from the mailbox to the kitchen.

In the third movie, Szalinski’s voicemail message is played, with Wayne saying this quote. The message part makes sense, and while the fax part makes sense for the 1990s, it is strange that you say it in your answering machine message and of course the notion of sending binaries over the phone is quite fun and very Wayne’s own. Szalinski.

5 “We are her parents, we will handle this. Diane, how do we handle this?”

baby I blew up the boy

Adam, in his giant size, begins to tear apart the Las Vegas Strip and the military wants to take him down using force, which his parents understandably fight against. They both start screaming and Wayne says that he and Diane will figure out how to shrink him down to normal size without doing anything that could potentially hurt him or Nick and Mandy (Keri Russell in her first movie role) are stuck in Adam’s pocket.

Wayne is confident in front of military personnel, but immediately admits to his wife that he has no idea what they are going to do.

4 “I blew up the baby!”

Baby I blew up the boy

In the second film, the retractable beam has the opposite effect when Wayne accidentally makes Szalinski’s new little boy Adam gigantic. Wayne exclaims this line, which is funny writing at first, but then his son, Nick, asks his father how his mother took the news.

Wayne responds that she took it as usual after she passed out upon seeing Adam, but he says the line in an even voice, showing that these kinds of things are quite normal in his family.

3 “At Szalinski Labs, the future is … The future is … shit.”

Baby we shrunk tiny

Wayne is attempting, and has failed, to give a speech to investors at the new Szalinski Labs in the third film. He has a pile of note cards that he’s trying to flip through when he drops his entire deck of cards and fills the blank in a funny way by exclaiming “shit.”

He immediately realizes his mistake and tries to recover by saying that the future is “now”, but the damage has already been done.

two “When we crashed, my whole life flashed before my eyes. It didn’t take long.”

Nick says this line in the first movie after he and Russell are picked up by a bee and they fly around their yards before jumping into the Szalisnki’s yard. Russell asks if he’s okay and Nick responds with this funny line.

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Nick says he was so scared when they flew on the back of the bee and fell into his garden that his whole life passed before his eyes, but since he’s so young and hasn’t done much in his life, it wasn’t. it won’t take long.

1 “Honey, I shrunk the kids. And Thompson’s too. They’re this big. They’re in the backyard. And I threw them away.”

This is one of the funniest lines in the trilogy, as Wayne hilariously sums up the entire first movie in a very nonchalant way. Diane comes home to Wayne and tells him that she finally got her retractable beam to work by showing him the incredibly small version of her couch. At first she is excited, but the only problem is that they themselves have shrunk and are lost somewhere in the backyard.

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