10 great Valentine’s episodes of the 90s sitcom

Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas, Valentine’s Day is more in line with the lighter, more obviously “pop” and commercial holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. Still, romantic vacations are universally appreciated and hated by many.

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As troublesome as it may be for some, the sugary core of the day blends well with the fluff and anticipated distractions that come with a 30-minute sitcom episode. The 1990s were a landmark decade in American sitcom history, and making a big turn on the Valentine’s Day episode led to some shows producing some of their best work.

10 Family Matters – “My Heartbroken Valentine” (1992)

Urkel as a fairy in Family Matters

Before the show took a completely ridiculous turn by including clones and antics that are beyond cartoons, Family matters it was a sweet and fun way to pass the time. The ABC-produced sitcom is most often associated with Steve Urkel, the obnoxious helium-voiced neighbor, who became the star of the series in season 3, which features this episode.

Unusual for the series, this installment deals with dark and real issues such as sexual harassment and ignoring advice from friends. Heartwarming and balanced, this was an excellent opening episode.

9 Boy Meets World – “First Girlfriend Club” (1998)

Cory at Valentine's School

Boy meet the world He took viewers from high school to college as he chronicled the charming and “normal” everyday antics of Ben Savage’s Cory Matthews, his family, and friends as they all try to navigate his interpersonal issues and comedic situations. “First Girlfriends’ Club” aired as part of the fifth season of the show as a Valentine’s Day special.

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The episode centers on Corey trying to get out of the hot water with his flashing girlfriend Topanga after he finds potentially incriminating evidence of cheating. That plot, along with a B plot involving a comic kidnapping, makes for one of the best comedy and teen drama combinations on the show.

8 The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air – “Stop Will! In the Name Of Love” (1994)

Will Smith dumbfounded

One of the few episodes where Will gets downright obnoxious, this episode of the beloved show’s season four focused on a series of Really bad dates. The first date is a double date between Will and his friend alongside Ashley and her future boyfriend, which soon dissolves into a frustrating example of Will overcompensating in his escort role, causing the date to end prematurely.

This disaster coincides with a Valentine’s dinner between Phil and Vivian. The real gem of the episode is the climax where Ashley yells “RESPECT” to everyone’s amazement. It almost matches that still killer theme.

7 Crazy about you – “Love between the tiles” (1993)

B&W Paul and Helen in the bathtub

During the 90s, Crazy for You it had its own corner of acclaim and audience success. However, the series has not held on to the cultural mindset like contemporary hits. Seinfeld, Friendsor Frasier. Still, the show spawned some truly hilarious and well-written sitcom episodes, perhaps most notably the first season episode “Love Among the Tiles.”

The fan-favorite installment is a bottle episode that features the two leads, played by Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, as they try to get out of a locked bathroom on Valentine’s Day. Fun, witty and age resistant, this is the perfect episode for newcomers to the series.

6 Friends – “The One with the Candy Hearts” (1995)

Rachel, Monica, Phoebe burn things

No list of 1990s sitcoms would be complete without an entry from Friends, for better or worse. A seldom seen cultural landmark, the show continues to generate massive interest through streaming. Although the show began to enjoy the melodrama in later seasons, the beginning is full of silly and endearing moments.

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For example, “The One with the Candy Hearts” was the first of several Valentine’s Day episodes, although it is the strongest and most fun. As Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica spend the holidays burning old boyfriends’ artifacts, Ross re-enters the dating group to strange effect. One of the best episodes of the inaugural season.

5 South Park – “Tom’s Rhinoplasty” (1998)

Garrison looks like Hasselhoff

One of the most ridiculous entries in the first season, “Tom’s Rhinoplasty” is a whirlwind of nonsense from the animated comedy by Trey Parker and Matt Stones. The title derives from the absurd plot of Mr. Garrison’s nose job, which makes it look like Baywatch-star David Hasselhoff.

While he is under the knife and recovers, the children in Mr. Garrison’s class become infatuated with the substitute teacher who takes his place. Very very stupid in the best way than just South Park can be done, or would even attempt to do so in some cases, this is a brilliant early demo for the now long running show.

4 That 70s Show – “First Date” (1999)

Eric and Donna on a date

A landmark episode of the popular sitcom, which continues to enjoy great success and cultural awareness, “First Date” explores the romantic evening of the title enjoyed by Donna and Eric.

The episode, which actually aired on Valentine’s Day, gave viewers the first real insight into how the series’ central romantic relationship would work out during the overall run of the show. Also, Jackie and Kelso have a funny subplot that ends in a humorous and comical way. The show’s ability to balance some genuinely sweet moments with laughing out loud antics is fully on show in this one.

3 Regards – “Sam Time Next Year” (1991)

The Cranes in Cheers on V-Day

Though Health It reached the peak of its quality and popularity in the 80s, the early part of the 90s still gave the world some good installments of the legendary series.

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While Sam’s story, which follows his antics attempts to hide a back injury before his annual Valentine’s Day appointment, is funny and has its moments, it is the story that features Dr. Frasier Crane and his wife Lilith as they bring their two socially awkward. therapy groups to Cheers in an attempt to relieve them of their social fears.

two The Simpsons – “I Love Lisa” (1993)

The Simpsons Valentine Card

Brilliant, heartbreaking, and a comical knockout. The Simpsons he has produced quite a few episodes focusing on Valentine’s Day throughout his mammoth career. Yet it is “I Love Lisa” that remains a majority favorite and one of the show’s most successful mixes of blues and blues.

In the episode, Lisa takes pity on Ralph when he feels lonely on Valentine’s Day, only for it to result in an unrequited infatuation and Ralph’s humiliation. The episode cleverly explores the nature of romantic rejection and the ability to channel those raw emotions into successful art. It’s a cool piece of the TV series and one of the highlights of the show.

1 Frasier – “Three Valentine’s” (1999)

Niles putting out the fire on the couch

Sometimes there is a comedic performance that transcends the script to become a physical feat. Such is the case with David Hyde Pierce’s performance in the sixth season episode of Frasier. The title of the episode comes from its structure of dividing the runtime into three separate bullets.

While Martin and Frasier’s thirds bring the laughs, it’s the Niles-centric third that takes the episode into the stratosphere. With no dialogue whatsoever, the five-minute sequence is perfect and one of the most impressive parts of physical comedy in any sitcom.

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