10 Marvel Villains You Didn’t Know Had Siblings

The Marvel Universe is full of powerful heroes who share a family relationship, which has defined siblings like Invisible Woman and Human Torch or Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch over the years, though there are several Marvel villains with siblings who have at times made races in disguise of their own on the opposite side of the final battle.

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While some Marvel villains like Grim Reaper have their sibling relationships explored frequently, others are less well known or exist in an unconventional realm of family relationships that could keep them off the radar for some fans, so we’ll take a closer look. villainous characters with brothers.

10 Scorpio was revealed as Nick Fury’s brother, Jacob Fury


The mysterious masked villain known as Scorpio is the leader of the criminal organization known as Zodiac that has taken on almost every hero in the Marvel universe, although originally Scorpio and his Zodiac frequently clashed with Nick Fury and SHIELD.

It was eventually revealed that Scorpio was actually Nick’s brother Jacob, though the retcons later redeemed Jacob as Nick’s ally and blamed Scorpio’s criminal actions on a life-model decoy of Jake Fury who went insane. Other Scorpios will take on their role, including the descendants of Nick and Jake Fury.

9 Thanos’ brother Eros joined the Avengers as Starfox


While Thanos in the MCU was featured alongside his own army known as the Sons of Thanos, the comic version’s family has a long and rich comic history as members of the Eternals who lived on Saturn’s moon Titan.

While Thanos himself was actually a member of the Deviants derived race, his brother Eros was an Eternal who would later join the Avengers as Starfox. Starfox shares a similar level of strength to his brother with cosmic power, although he also has other abilities such as flight, stimulation of psionic pleasure and manipulation of gravity.

8 Sabretooth has killed a couple of his brothers over the years

MARVEL VILLAIN SIBLINGS - Sabretooth Clara and Saul

One of the homicidal mutant Victor Creed / Sabretooth’s first murders was that of his older brother Lucas, whom he killed during a confrontation over a piece of cake shortly after his mutant abilities began to manifest.

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Victor would then kill his parents and return every year to torment his younger brothers Saul and Clara by beating up his younger brother and forcing him to hurt Clara. Creed’s children were all mutants with varying degrees of healing factor, though Saul was drowned by Logan and Clara was later killed by her brother Sabretooth.

7 Kindred and the gray goblin are brothers

MARVEL VILLAIN SIBLINGS - Harry Osborn and Gray Goblin

While Norman Osborn originated the Green Goblin nickname, it was eventually taken over by his son Harry, who continued the Green Goblin’s torment of Spider-Man, before he too died as his father before him, although they have both returned. Norman has regained the Green Goblin’s mantle, while Harry was recently revealed as Kindred.

Harry was always an only child, although it was later revealed that Norman Osborn had had twins with Gwen Stacy named Gabriel and Sarah, who he artificially aged and raised with hatred for Peter Parker. Gabriel became the Gray Goblin to fight Spider-Man, and later in American Son armor when he went into battle with his half-brother Harry.

6 The Deadly Mutant Mortis is Dazzler’s half-sister


Lois London first appeared on the pages of Dazzling as Alison Blaire’s half-sister who was hoping to meet her new family, though she soon found out she was also a mutant with a devastating death touch. While London chose to hide her abilities initially, she later fatally lashed out at an abusive partner, leading to her being recruited by Selene during the Necrosha event.

London became Mortis and served Selene as one of her inner circle of mutants as she tried to gain more power for herself by resurrecting dead mutants. Mortis’ resentment towards her sister led to her dark turn as a villain, though after she was nearly killed, Dazzler was able to get her sister’s telepathic help from Psylocke.

5 Kraven the hunter and the chameleon are half brothers


Sergei Kravinoff became the world-renowned hunter known as Kraven the Hunter, who finally set his enhanced gaze on Spider-Man as he attempted to challenge himself with the ultimate hunt after being contacted by Dmitri Smerdyakov / The Chameleon.

It was later revealed that Sergei and Dmitri had grown up together as half siblings, although Kraven abused his younger brother due to their illegitimate ancestry, creating a toxic and overbearing relationship between the two villains that has led to some of Spider’s darkest stories. -Man. .

4 The vampire Baron Blood is the brother of Doctor Strange

MARVEL VILLAIN SIBLINGS - Doctor Strange and Baron Blood

The first Baron Blood was John Falsworth, who was turned into a vampire by Dracula and became Baron Blood for the German armies during the World Wars, becoming an eternal Captain America villain who has returned many times over the years. However, for a brief period of time, Doctor Strange’s younger brother Victor also took on the role and wardrobe of Baron Blood.

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Victor transformed into a vampire after the Montesi Formula that killed all vampires was undone. Victor fell under the control of Marie LeVeau, who gave him his new Baron Blood identity to carry out his evil orders. Victor eventually won his freedom and attempted to use his vampirism as a hero, though when the villains he fed on returned as vampires, he took a risk himself.

3 The modifier created his own brother Hophni Mason

MARVEL VILLAIN SIBLINGS - Tinkerer and Hophni Mason

Phineas Mason / The Tinkerer was one of Spider-Man’s early villains, though he has made a name for himself as the scientific mind that has outfitted several other tech-themed villains over the years.

However, the latest volume of Spectacular Spider-Man featured Tinkerer’s brother, Hophni Mason, who had been using his own brilliant mind to equip superheroes with advanced technology. This was later revealed to be a scam, as the Tinkerer had created the Hophni robot (which was turned into an advanced battle suit) to learn more about the heroes and alter their technology.

two Death Sting’s brother was the Immortal Iron Fist

MARVEL VILLAIN SIBLINGS - Death Sting and Iron Fist

Danny Rand / Iron Fist was not the only one trained in the mystical arts of K’un-L’un, as his half-sister Miranda Rand-K’ai was also raised and trained there, although Danny did not initially know that they were related. .

After Miranda seemingly died during Iron Fist’s encounter with the H’ylithri, the aliens brought her back to life and she later returned in a new version of the Scorpio disguise as the villainous Death Sting. Death Sting was sent on a mission to steal the powerful Scorpio Key for the H’ylithri, though she ultimately sacrificed herself to save her brother.

1 The sister of the fearsome Dormammu is Umar the unforgiving


One of Doctor Strange’s greatest enemies is the Dread Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension and a powerful sorcerer who has threatened Doctor Strange’s dimension many times over the years while trying to escape his exile. However, Dormammu was not alone in his exile, as his sister Umar the Relentless joined him after their father was killed and magical power usurped.

Umar was weakened in the Dark Dimension and Dormammu was able to take control and banish her after she gave birth to Clea, who would become Doctor Strange’s student and lover. Umar would eventually return to the side of the Dark Dimension and Dormammu as they continued their magical assaults against Doctor Strange and Earth.

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