10 strongest martial artists who were Iron Fists

After striking the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying in the chest and taking out his heart, Danny Rand turned into Iron Fist. But it was not the first. In fact, the role of Iron Fist is a title that has been used by the champion of K’un Lun for a million years.

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K’un Lun is one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, and each of these cities has its own Immortal Weapon as a champion defending it. Each generation has its own champion, as the word “Immortal” is purely ceremonial. In his role as Immortal Iron Fist, Danny Rand is a living weapon that channels chi through his body and into his blows. While it is the most famous Iron Fist and has surpassed many of its predecessors, it is far from the strongest.

10 Pei sent Davos through a building with a single hit

As she’s just a little girl, she actually manifested the powers of the Iron Fist after the villain Davos (Danny Rand’s longtime rival) killed Shou-Lao the Eternal. She hit Davos hard enough to send him hurtling through a building. He then resurrected this new incarnation of Shou-Lao, and other previous incarnations of the dragon.

Pei has had several names since this first manifestation of her powers: Iron Kid, Kung Fu Girl, and Iron Fist, Jr. She is still just a girl, so she lacks the focus and experience to be a true Iron Fist, but she will catch up with them. . in time, topping many others on this list.

9 Bei Bang-Wen used his chi to improve his mental abilities

Iron fist.  Bei Bang-Wen fights the British

Bei Bang-Wen is an interesting character study because he used his chi to improve his mental abilities, making him an incredible strategist. He was an Iron Fist in the early and mid-19th century and opposed the British conquests of China and India, associating with an Indian Brahmin named Vivatma Visvajit, who used his Prana to give him powers.

Bei Bang-Wen was arrogant and often underestimated his own blind spots, a common trait among intelligence people who know they understand some fields and therefore assume they know other fields. Finally he lost a great battle to the British armies.

8 Orson Randall used his chi to ignite bullets


Orson Randall was born in K’un Lun, but his father was from outside the Celestial City and only got there after his airship crashed in the Himalayas. Orson became the Iron Fist, then left the city to fight in World War I. He formed a team of fellow adventurers known as the Curious Confederates.

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One thing that separates Orson from the others is the unique way he used his chi to propel the bullets. This mix of gun-fu with kung fu made him the first to apply ancient techniques to modern-day weapons. He spent most of his later years addicted to opium, which suppressed his powers.

7 Junzo Muto was a deadly assassin

Junzo Muto was not a true Iron Fist, but he was a power thief who stole Danny Rand’s powers and took the Iron Fist mantle as a title for himself. He was a deadly assassin and martial arts master who was one of the leaders of the Hand.

He defeated the New Warriors and Danny Rand, using his ability to steal other people’s powers to gain the chi dominance of the Iron Fist. He hasn’t been in the comics for quite some time, but he’s incredibly powerful. He even innately learns to use skills that Danny struggled with. However, it is not naturally an Iron Fist and its limits have yet to be fully explored.

6 Wu Ao-Shi was a natural warrior from the beginning

Wu Ao-Shi

Although she started life as a street urchin living in K’un Lun, Wu Ao-Shi was fearless and was a natural warrior from the beginning. Lei Kung the Thunderer took her in after seeing her beat up an abusing merchant, and Lei Kung trained her in kung fu with his other students.

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After Wu Ao-Shi became the Iron Fist, he fell in love with a fisherman. When he left her, she left K’un Lun and went out into the world, traveling the world and striking those who oppressed others. When a pirate flotilla terrorized Pinghai Bay, it engaged them and, after an initial defeat, defeated the entire pirate armada, using a bow that fired arrows powered by chi. She became known as the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay.

5 Quan Yaozu sat on the throne of a particular hell

Quan Yaozu

One of the first of the Iron Fists was Quan Yuazo, who worked with the other Immortal Weapons to take on the Eighth Capital City. But this was not one of the capitals of heaven. Rather, it was a city of hell.

He fought the demons and eventually locked himself within the Eighth City to seal the gates and isolate it from the world. Here, he became known as Changming and sat on the throne of Hell (in particular) as its new ruler.

4 Kl’rt has the powers of the four members of The Fantastic Four

As fans of the Fantastic Four know, Kl’rt is the Super-Skrull. While all Skrulls are capable of shapeshifting, Kl’rt also has the powers of all four members of the Fantastic Four. Over the years, the Skrull Empire manufactures more Super-Skrulls and Kl’rt gains additional powers.

He’s not the only Skrull to take on the role of Iron Fist, but he’s by far the most powerful Skrull trying to pass himself off as such. Honestly, as his raw powers progress, he’s probably more powerful than Danny Rand and just about anyone else on this list. However, he is not that skilled in martial arts or strategic handling of multiple opponents, relying much more on the brute force conveyed by his abilities. As such, he lacks the discipline and focus required to be as impressive as an Iron Fist, and if it weren’t for his numerous other powers, he wouldn’t even be that high.

3 Danny Rand has fought against and alongside immortal weapons


What is there to say about Danny Rand that hasn’t already been said? He’s a kung fu master, billionaire industrialist, community organizer, superhero, humanitarian, and probably the most impulsive Iron Fist to ever go off at inappropriate times. He is ignorant of much of what has happened before, but regularly proves willing to learn more and adapt, honoring the old ways while adapting to the new changes that always occur in the Marvel Universe.

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Danny has fought against and alongside the other immortal weapons. He has been a member of the Avengers, Defenders and founded Heroes for Hire with his best friend Luke Cage. As far as most comic book fans are concerned, the words “Iron Fist” and “Danny Rand” are synonymous.

two Fan Fei taught the cavemen the secrets of Kung Fu

Fan Fei was one of the Avengers of the year 1,000,000 a. C. He was born in K’un Lun, but after teaching cavemen the secrets of kung fu, it was forbidden. His caveman pupils were gathered and delivered to the dragon Shou-Lao the immortal, where they were burned alive. She charged at the dragon, expecting to die, and struck it, the first person to rip out the dragon’s heart in one blow and become the Iron Fist. She was expelled from K’un Lun immediately afterwards.

The very existence of Fan Fei is controversial. There have been 66 Iron Fists in Danny Rand’s time, each of whom (with only a few exceptions) lived to the age of 33. That makes the Iron Fist lore roughly 2000 years old (technically 66 times 33 is 2,178, but Iron Fists weren’t born with their powers). Fan Fei’s mere existence contradicts established continuity. However, as the first Iron Fist, she did what was believed impossible, so she must be given full credit for her achievements.

1 Wu Fongji was also the phoenix

The most powerful Iron Fist that ever lived was Wu Fongji. There is a simple explanation for this: she was also the Phoenix.

Like most Phoenix hosts from Earth, he had impressive red hair, having been born to one father from K’un Lun and another from a normal Earth human.) She gained cosmic consciousness after a brief encounter with the Phoenix and left the planet, flying into space.

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