10 Things Fans Never Knew About EA’s Star Wars: Rise To Power

Since Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise has continued to provide fans with a host of new content. From a diverse range of movies to Disney + shows and the variety of video games set in a galaxy far away, every inch of this property is explored on a myriad of platforms.

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John Williams’ famous soundtrack remains strong as audiences continue to devour Star Wars content, and Rise to power It appears to be another attempt by Disney to capitalize on the popularity of these characters and this expansive cinematic universe. However, fans have largely overlooked the game as they may not know exactly what this new mobile experience is all about.

10 Star Wars license change

Combat in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It was recently announced that the exclusive deal made between Star Wars and Electronic Arts was coming to an end. This also coincided with the news that Ubisoft was working on its own open world game and that Lucasfilm had created a new games division.

Despite these major changes, EA still has access to the Star Wars license and will continue to produce games set in the same universe. Rise to power It was part of EA’s future content catalog and it looks like it will continue to be; changes in contractual arrangements have not affected development.

9 It is semi-canon

Almost every game that Star Wars has released in recent years has a canonical storytelling element within it. These narrative options are designed so that players can have unique experiences that tie into the many other releases of Star Wars. Some of these could even be adapted for screen in the future.

Similar to games like Battlefront, the general premise of Rise to power means that the game takes place within the established canon. However, player decisions and the way battles unfold will not be part of canon, as this is unique to each player.

8 Pre-alpha testing

Like other major mobile apps, Rise to power It has undergone extensive testing. After all the internal testing was done, the mobile game was opened up to both hardcore fans and casual gamers to participate in the pre-alpha testing.

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This testing process has taken several years, beginning in 2017. It appears that the game is still in this closed testing process so that players can discern exactly what works about the game and where it needs to be improved before launch.

7 Long delays

Gonk droid on Tatooine

The game was initially announced in 2017 and appears to be in the midst of an unusually long development process. In fact, it jumped into pre-alpha testing relatively quickly, but has suffered from a number of delays over the years.

There could be a number of reasons for this, including various reorganizations at EA along with the recent impact of the pandemic. Most of these delays will be to ensure that the mobile game is up to par with the rest of the content coming out of Star Wars actually.

6 Inspired by strategy games

Strategy games seem to be highly sought after, especially in the mobile market. Initially largely popularized on PC, game developers have since turned to smaller devices so gamers can carry their games with them.

Inspired by some of the main strategy games on the platform, Rise to power combines game elements from across the genre. There aren’t too many strategy games to Star Wars brand on the market right now, particularly over the last decade, so it would certainly fill a void as gamers try to relive classic moments from the movies.

5 In-game purchases

The gaming market has gone through a number of controversies in recent years thanks to the focus on microtransactions. It is a problem that EA and Star Wars I have not avoided, with the Battle front franchise is deeply affected by them.

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Like many other mobile games, Rise to power is affected by in-game purchases. In fact, much of the in-game progression is halted by a lack of money in the real world. This may be a problem that EA will have to face head on if it wants to have a successful launch.

4 Galaxy of heroes

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Gacha Game

Every time a new video game is released from this IP, fans discuss which of the brand’s main characters deserve to appear next. Nevertheless, Galaxy of heroes Avoid this debate by including a huge list of characters from all over Star Wars.

This has been an incredibly successful game for Disney and Lucasfilm and it is one that was actually produced by EA. The game studio is no stranger to producing Star Wars content for mobile devices, therefore, and together with its Battle front complementary application, perhaps EA can apply some of the lessons learned from these projects to Rise to power.

3 Based on the new trilogy

Almost every period of Star Wars The universe is being explored in some way. As players recreate classic space battles from the post-Empire era in Squads and fight Stormtroopers in Jedi Fallen order, you can visit the sequel trilogy in Rise to power.

With the Resistance and the First Order creating the two sides of this battle strategy game, players will be able to get acquainted with these new factions while creating epic battles that include weapons, vehicles and characters from the two armies.

two Lack of action scenes

Star Wars Clone Wars Space Battle

Despite the elements of strategy and the ability to control the First Order or the Resistance, the game does not currently feature battle scenes that demonstrate what goes on in the conflict. It relies heavily on the planning of the battle itself and the tactical plays.

This may be a disappointment for some, but it is also based on the limits of technology. Although it could be inspired by more ambitious tactical games, so much can only be achieved on mobile devices, which is why the game can take even longer to develop.

1 No release date

Darth Vader No from Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

There have been numerous canceled Star Wars video games over the years, and EA has been in command of some of them. Somehow it seems that Rise to power in fact, it could be canceled before its official launch.

Official documents on the game are hard to find, and the testing process never led to a much broader open strategy for more players to get involved in the game. It currently doesn’t have a release date either, but there’s always hope that EA will put a new focus on Rise to power given the new competition.

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