10 times Pokémon died in the franchise

At Pokemon universe, the sad reality is that Pokémon, like their human trainers, carry the heavy burden of mortality and are therefore susceptible to death. Although the implications are grim, it certainly gives Trainers a chance to appreciate the time they have with their Pokémon.

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In Pokemon In video games, players learn that their lovable companions can never be killed, but instead are knocked unconscious to be revived at a Pokémon Center. However, the anime adaptations prove to be more grounded in reality, occasionally exploring the concept of the death of a Pokémon.

10 Pikachu and Ash temporarily die in “Tower of Terror”

Ash and Pikachu Pokémon Tower of Terror in Lavender City

A particularly memorable episode from the original anime, “Tower of Terror” features both the death of a Pokémon as well as a main character. It’s true that Ash and Pikachu’s deaths are only temporary, but their brief disappearance still stunned many unsuspecting fans after the episode’s release.

In the episode, Ash and Pikachu set out to capture a “Ghost” Pokémon in Lavendar Town to defeat the gym leader, Sabrina. While chasing Gengar and Haunter, Ash and Pikachu fall to the ground, shaking a hanging chandelier. The chandelier falls on the couple, causing Gengar to remove their spirits from their lifeless bodies.

9 Latios sacrifices himself in “Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias”

Latios and Latias movie pokemon heroes

In Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias, one of the main characters, Latios, dies in a heroic but heartbreaking attempt to save an entire city. The film revolves around a mystical element called “Soul Dew”, which is capable of raising water levels in Deep sea, effectively drowning the inhabitants.

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During the movie Team Rocket He tries to steal the Soul Dew by nefarious means. In a climactic scene, Latios sacrifices himself, becoming the new “Soul Dew.” Fortunately, the city is saved from annihilation, but at the cost of Latios’ life.

8 Lucario sacrifices himself after seeing his trainer do the same in “Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”

Lucarios Death Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

Lucario, a fan favorite Pokémon, is also the victim of a tragic death as a result of an act of sacrifice. In Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Ash gains a staff, once owned by an ancient hero, containing Lucario.

Towards the end of the movie, it is revealed that Lucario’s previous owner, Sir Aaron, sacrificed himself to stop the war in the Beginning tree. After witnessing Sir Aaron’s emotional memories of a “time flower”, Lucario decides to follow in his trainer’s footsteps and sacrifice himself to protect the Beginning tree.

7 Meowth falls dead after seeing Mimikyu’s true form in “Pokémon Sun and Moon: The Series”

Pokémon Mimikyu Meowth

Fans of the older Pokémon anime may not know that Meowth, Jessie and James’ iconic conversation partner, actually died in an episode of Pokémon Sun and Moon: The Series. Perhaps even more disturbing than Meowth’s death is the terrifying and unsettling Mimikyu who indirectly causes it.

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Mimikyu, a ghost Pokémon, is significantly more demonic in the anime iterations than it is in the video games, continually threatening Pikachu and Meowth. After seeing Mimikyu’s “true form”, Meowth immediately falls dead and floats lifeless in the ocean.

6 Marowak lost his life trying to protect his son in “Pokémon Red & Blue”

Marowak and Cubone Pokemon Anime

Marowak has perhaps one of the best-known Pokémon deaths from the original series. As part of the original games, Red Blue, Players must put Marowak’s ghost to rest in Lavender Town’s Haunted Tower.

Once Marowak’s cause of death is revealed, the game begins to take a noticeably darker turn. It turns out that Team Rocket raided the Tower to collect Cubone’s skulls. In an attempt to protect his son, Marowak takes on Team Rocket. Although he was ultimately successful, Marowak tragically died as a result of the battle.

5 Luxray freezes to death to protect her young coach in “I choose you!”

Luxray Pokémon The Movie I Choose You!

In anime adaptations, there is a recurring theme of Pokémon heroically sacrificing itself for its trainers. The public is once again exposed to a grim death scene in Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You! involving a brave Luxray.

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During a scene in the film, Ash’s friend Sorrel tells a tragic story from his youth, where he and his Luxray were lost during a snowstorm. To keep her coach warm, Luxray covers Sorrel for the night, effectively saving the young man’s life. Sadly, after the blizzard wears off, Sorrel finds Luxray’s lifeless body frozen to death.

4 Sharpedo is on the verge of extinction due to overfishing in “Third Generation Pokémon”

sharpedo anime pokemon

Sharpedo’s near extinction parallels many real-world problems, notably poaching and overfishing. Hunting sharks for their “prized fins”, although prohibited, is not only something that still occurs today, but was also the cause of the death of countless Sharpedos in the Alola region.

The near extinction of the Sharpedo serves as an ongoing reminder to the Pokémon world of the consequences of overfishing. It also provides quite a morbid confirmation that the inhabitants of the Pokémon universe do, in fact, hunt and eat certain Pokémon.

3 Stoutland dies of natural causes in “That’s why the Litten is a rascal!”

Stoutland death pokemon anime

The Pokémon episode, “That’s why the Litten is a rascal!”, Is about every dog ​​lover’s worst fear, the death of a beloved dog. The episode features an elderly Stoutland, who has taken a young Litten under his wing. Stoutland train Litten to reach his true potential; however, the Stoutland continually weakens as the episode progresses.

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Towards the end of the episode, Litten has a dream in which his beloved mentor, the Stoutland, slowly begins to disappear until he is completely gone. When Litten wakes up the next morning, the Stoutland is gone, indicating that it has already died. In an incredibly emotional scene, Litten sees the spirit of his former friend in the sky.

two Darkrai loses his life trying to stop a war in “The Rise of Darkrai”

Darkrai Pokemon Anime

Darkrai is a powerful and mythical Pokémon capable of invading dreams and causing nightmares (although never intentionally). In the Darkrai’s rise, the titular Pokémon dies an emotional death while trying to prevent the destruction of Alamos.

The film opens with two ancient Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia, engaged in a never-ending war of epic proportions. Darkrai, realizing that he is the only one capable of facing Dialga and Palkia, takes it upon himself to stop the fight. Unfortunately, Darkrai’s actions ultimately result in his death at the hands of the two Pokémon.

1 Volcarona died of illness in “Pokémon Black 2 & White 2”

Volcarona pokemon anime

In Pokemon Black and White, players are introduced to a “Pokémon Champion” named Alder. It is revealed that Alder’s starter Pokémon, Volcarona, died of an illness, which deeply affected Alder. Discouraged by his inability to save Volcarona, Alder decided to roam the Unova regions.

Interestingly, Alder does not mention the type of Pokémon that he was unable to save in Black and White, but a “starter Pokémon”. However, in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, it is confirmed that his former partner was a Volcarona.

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