10 ways DC movies keep misreading Batman

For all the movies Batman has appeared in, there have been some mischaracterization along the way. With so many movies, it’s inevitable that there will be more than one mistake regarding the Batman character over the years. Different actors have taken different approaches to playing Bruce Wayne, but most of the details remain consistent about him.

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However, there are some fundamental elements of the character that simply must remain the same if the character is truly destined to be Batman. When the DC movies made these mistakes, they really proved they had been wrong in Batman all this time.

10 Batman would never kill people

While Batman is occasionally indirectly responsible for a death, the Batman that exists in the comics has a strict rule: do not kill. However, in the movies, Batman doesn’t seem as concerned about keeping people alive. In the movies, Batman has killed dozens of people and is shown causing obviously life-threatening injuries to people, apparently not caring if they live or die afterward. In addition to the people Batman just killed, the ones he leaves for dead add to his death count to make him seem like a much more different and more callous man than he actually is.

9 Batman doesn’t normally use weapons

When Batman was first introduced, the character was given a weapon, but it quickly became clear that this didn’t sit well with the character. Almost immediately, he removed Batman’s weapon; furthermore, part of his character became the fact that no use a gun.

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However, in the movies, Batman almost constantly uses a variety of pistols and pistol-like weapons. Your Batmobile has pistols mounted in or on it; he takes weapons from other people and constantly wields them, and allows others to use weapons when working with him.

8 Batman wants to keep his identity a secret at all costs

Zack-Snyder-Justice League-Superman-v-Batman-Joker-Card-Explained-Header

In the comics, Batman would essentially do anything to keep people from finding out he’s Bruce Wayne. If people ever find out who he really is, his entire life will collapse, and he, and his loved ones, and all of Gotham, will be immediately put in grave danger. In fact, when people find out who Robin that is, it is enough to dismantle the entire Justice League. The fact that Batman tells people he is Bruce Wayne all the time in movies seems dramatically out of character for someone who knows how much is at stake.

7 Batman and Superman are closer than family

Batman and Superman are closer to each other than the brothers; they are best friends and trust each other implicitly. In the comics, in fact, Superman willingly gives Batman a Kryptonite shard so that Batman can stop him if necessary.

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Batman compiled ways to stop the entire Justice League, but Clark readily gave Bruce the only weapon that could kill him. It’s hard to see them with such drastic odds in movies; their especially It’s hard to see them pitted against each other before they have a chance to meet.

6 Batman is an incredibly talented fighter, and not just with his fists

Bruce Wayne trained for years with the best and most skilled instructors from around the world to become the most talented fighter he could ever be. With all that training, it seems obvious that Batman would incorporate many different fighting styles, including his extensive acrobatic skills, into his battles with Gotham’s villains. However, the Batman that exists in the movies seems content to punch, kick, and grab everyone he comes across. He seems happier pushing a bad boy off a roof rather than using his stunts or intellect to fight him, which is unfortunate because it’s just not Batman’s style.

5 Batman has a wide range of specialized bat technology and devices

Batman 1966 Belt Sponges

Batman develops a number of advanced devices specifically for his own use. In the comics, he is famous for wearing a tool belt, in which he has pretty much every gadget or piece of tech that he could ever need. When Adam West played Batman, he always had some kind of Bat-Spray or Bat-Repellent or Bat-Bomb to use on his villains. However, while this appears to be a staple of the character, Batman almost never shows all of his cool gadgets on the big screen. It only has random pieces of generic tech as applied to the plot, and of course its faithful fists.

4 Batman is good friends with the Justice League

In the movies, it seems that Batman considers himself a kind of de facto leader of the Justice League, while at the same time seeing himself as an entity apart from the JLA. He thinks he’s a lone wolf and fights often with his teammates, but this couldn’t be further from the truth for Batman.

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In Bruce Wayne’s reality, he’s a good friend to most of the other members of the Justice League and basically considers them his friends. Since he lives most of his life as Batman, not Bruce, this makes sense, but it is never really shown in the movies.

3 Batman is a philanthropist and a hero like Bruce Wayne, too

Bruce Wayne, unfortunately, doesn’t have as much screen time as he should. While Batman is the one most viewers see to see, establishing Bruce Wayne as a character is equally important to being successful as a Batman movie. In most Batman movies, Bruce Wayne appears fleetingly; when it appears, it is usually distant or misguided. Movies prefer to show Bruce Wayne, playboy, and almost never portray Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s philanthropist and hero in his own right.

two Batman is never truly alone

DC movies seem to get the impression that because Batman says he wants to be a lone wolf, he is a lone wolf. This could not be further from the truth. Batman works with other people, like the Justice League, because he wants to. He does not need to; If I didn’t want to be there, I wouldn’t be. However, Batman choose fight with the Justice League; chooses to become the best friend of Clark Kent; choose to adopt and care for children; chooses to keep Alfred in his life. He chooses to surround himself with people because even if he says he is a lone wolf, he is not. You may feel lonely, but you are never really alone.

1 Batman needs a Robin

Bruce Wayne Batman Looks At Jason Todd Dead Robin Costume With Joker Comments In Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

One of the most obvious and fundamental problems with most depictions of Batman on the big screen is that it doesn’t have a Robin. What Batman needs more than almost anything else is a Robin to balance him. However, it seems that the movies don’t value Robin as deeply as they should, as they rarely, if ever, include him.

The Dark Knight trilogy featured an adult “Robin” whose name was literally Robin, and the DCEU has indicated that Jason Todd is already dead, though they have never spoken or shown a Robin beyond Jason Todd’s destroyed suit. The fact that Batman rarely gets his other half is a disappointment of the highest level and shows that these studies will never really understand Batman.

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