As fun and colorful as it is, the world of Pokemon it’s one of those deceptively simple setups that hides a lot of weird implications. If you think about it enough, some facets of Ash Ketchum’s adventures can be confusing and even disturbing.

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This led to countless fan theories that ranged from the inadvertently hilarious to the downright morbid. Fortunately, the people behind Pokemon cleared the air on some ancient enigmas and mysteries, while leaving a few more in the air.

10 MAY BE TRUE: Humans are evolved / returned Pokémon

Pokémon and humans have a close relationship, although some think this goes beyond mere friendship. This idea suggests that Pokémon and humanity share their circles of life, and that the two species are connected in a literal biological sense. Almost all Pokémon have human-like sensitivity, and most can communicate with people. What reinforces this are the very human origins of some Pokémon, such as Phantump which is the spirit of a dead child or Yamasks which are literally masks of death.

Others are humanoid (eg Hitmonlee, Machamp, etc.) and exercise human characteristics, demonstrating evolution, reincarnation, or the advanced mirror. Whether this means humans evolved into Pokémon or developed from them has yet to be clarified, but the connection is undeniable.

9 REMOVABLE: MissingNo. It is not an Edlritch Pokémon, it is simply a mistake

Missing Pokémon

There is no classic Pokemon theory like MissingNo. (short for Missing Number), the strange creature that is a sentient fossil or otherworldly mass of flawed pixels. Theories state that MissingNo. he is a discarded evolution or a supernatural being beyond the comprehension of mortals, which makes his discovery more valuable than getting a Magikarp to evolve.

The truth, however, is downright boring; MissingNo. it really is just a bug that outdid the QA testers. This hasn’t stopped fans and game developers from having fun with it as they created tons of fanart, evolutionary trees, and an extensive Creepypasta lore about it. Pokemon Artist TOKIYA even drew the different shapes of MissingNo, giving the leftover glitch a rare honor.

8 IT MAY BE TRUE: Kangaskhan is Cubone’s mother

Cubone Kangaskhan

Minus the petrification of Ash in the original. Pokemon movie, nothing saddens fans more than reading Cubone’s origins. Simply put, the Bone-wielding Pokémon wears its dead mother’s skull like a helmet and cries crying to the moon every night. Fans expanded on this with the claim that Kangaskhan is Cubone’s mother.

This is based on the physical appearance of Cubone, who has some similarities to a Kangaskhan and his son. For fans, each fallen Kangaskhan results in the birth of a Cubone. The only thing that confuses this a bit is the evolution from Cubone to Marowak rather than something similar to Kangaskhan, but it remains a fan-favorite guess.

7 DISASSEMBLY: Pikachu can evolve, they just chose not to

Pokemon pikachu

In games, Ash’s Pikachu is a relatively weak electric mouse. But in the anime, he is the most powerful creature on Earth, capable of defeating high-level enemies and even legendary types. This has led people to think that for some unmentioned biological reason or a pre-existing condition, Pikachu cannot evolve and is basically a higher tier Pokémon trapped in a Stage 1 body.

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In truth, Pikachu made the deliberate decision not to evolve Raichu. The details change depending on the continuity being examined, but it all boils down to the same reason: Pikachu wants to prove his strength to Ash, himself, and his opponents like a normal Pikachu before moving on to the next stage. Since it has yet to do that, Pikachu remains in basic form.

6 MAY BE TRUE: Gengar is a dead Clefable

Pokemon Clefairy Gengar

A long-standing theory about Pokemon is that Gengar is Clefable’s ghost or evil self. This is based on the incredibly similar silhouettes of the two creatures and the fact that without the eyes they look like palette swapped versions of each other. Nevertheless, a theorist at amino took this one step further: Gengar is not Clefable’s shadow, but his ghost.

The evidence points to the type of Gengar, which is officially classified as a Ghost Pokémon. On stage, Ghost Pokémon are born out of tragedy, such as death. Consider the similarities between Clefable and Gengar, such as their need to be social and their preference for shadows, and it’s hard not to see Gengar as anything other than the posthumous evolution of Clefable.

5 REMOVABLE: Ash’s father is not dead or divorced, he is simply a dedicated trainer

Pokemon Ash And Delia

One of the most famous Pokemon Theories are that Ash’s father is dead or divorced from Delia Ketchum, which explains his absence. This, however, was discredited in the anime and more recent movies. Ash’s father does not appear in person, but his influence is present.

In trivia books from the original anime, Delia’s husband is mentioned to be a Pokémon trainer who left shortly after Ash’s birth because he had to be the best. Furthermore, the recent anime revealed that while Delia is understandably furious over her husband’s lack of parental responsibility, she has not formally divorced him and is awaiting his return.

4 IT CAN BE TRUE: Ash’s father could be Ash’s final boss

Pokemon Ash Battle

A consequence of the above theory is that Ash’s father is saving himself for a big time. Since he’s also a Pokémon trainer and Ash is busy climbing the ranks, it actually makes perfect sense that the grand finale of the Pokemon The saga is not a clash with Team Rocket, but a duel between father and son.

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Pokemon he’s quite shy about Ash’s dad, only making fleeting mentions to him at best. The biggest exposure Ash’s father had was in the novelization of Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, where Ash quotes some advice his father gave him a long time ago. This allowed for speculation that Ash’s father will be featured at some point, but only at a climactic moment in Ash’s history.

3 REMOVABLE: Mr. Mime is not Ash’s father

Pokemon Delia Mimey

Now that it has been confirmed that Ash’s father simply disappeared and did not pass away, one of the funniest and most daring Pokemon the theories have finally been put to rest. The theory in question is the enduring claim that Mimey is not just the Ketchum family’s Mr. Mime, but Delia’s current partner and Ash’s stepfather.

This is due to how close Delia and Mimey seemed, and the two are often shown in comical and strangely intimate situations. Some theorists even said that Mimey is Ash’s biological father., supposedly explaining its unique quirks like its incredible Pokémon communication skills. Fortunately, this ethically questionable theory was debunked.

two MAY BE TRUE: Ho-Oh made Ash eternally young

Ash Ho-Oh resized

One of the most enduring jokes about Pokemon is that Ash is 10 years old for most of his 30 years. The anime’s myriad reboots and timelines aside, Ash’s apparent immortality has not been explained in-universe, but the franchise’s first episode might contain the answer.

Here, Ash sees a Ho-Oh fly over his head on his first day as a coach. The legendary Pokémon is said to grant wishes, leading many to guess that Ash wished his adventures would never end, so Ho-Oh granted him eternal youth. Whether he unconsciously wished it or not, Ash’s supposed wish came true and even decades after the start of the anime, he still hasn’t escaped 10 years.

1 DEBUNKED: The anime is not basically Silent Hill and Ash is not in a coma

Pokemon Silent Hill

Like all previous children’s programs, Pokemon It has been decoded by restless viewers to be a secretly dark story. The most popular version of this posits that Ash fell into a coma after the lightning strike or Spearow’s attack in the first episode. All that follows is a coma-induced dream, with characters like Misty or Team Rocket and even Pokémon being manifestations of their suppressed feelings and emotions. Basically Pokemon is Silent Hill.

The biggest counterattack to this is the simple fact that there is no evidence in the universe to support this. And even if this were the end of the anime, there is no setting that would justify such an unnecessarily nihilistic twist. Give a touchMon ventured into dramatic and serious territory before, but not enough to turn Viridian City into a cursed hell with a pyramid-headed executioner.

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