90 Day Boyfriend: Fans Think Zied Is ‘Much’ Cuter In Throwback Photo

Reddit fans say 90 Day Fiancé star Rebecca Parrott’s husband Zied Hakimi is a dead ringer for Hayden Christensen in her youth photo.

The more the Zied Hakimi K-1 visa watch is 90 day fiancé As you progress, more will follow the discussions with Rebecca Parrott about her future wedding. Season 8 previews show that Rebecca and Zied disagree on the date of the marriage, which the Tunisian star wants to happen before Ramadan. There is also a hint of jealousy in Rebecca when Zied interacts with a young blonde. With Zied being younger always a concern for 90 day fiancéRebecca, it seems like an image of him is building up in the past. “then maach”More interest in the middle of the fan community.

It was season 3 of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days which introduced the complicated but cute story of Zied and Rebecca to TLC viewers. Rebecca is 22 years older than Zied and that makes her insecure. It was also the use of filters on his photos that made fans feel like he was catching it. Adding to her problems was the fact that Rebecca was still married to her third ex-husband while she had an affair with Zied. But Rebecca’s big secret and the fact that she’s been in a relationship with a woman in the past didn’t deter Zied from proposing to her. However, her demeanor, lack of work, and sympathy for Rebecca’s young former Moroccan did raise red flags for her friends and family. Still, Season 8 saw Zied come to America, sporting a completely different look, after what fans are calling “the greatest brightness” from 90 day fiancé.

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With a new hairstyle, slimmer physique, and stylish new sunglasses, the Zied from Tunisia looks almost unrecognizable as he prepares to marry Rebecca. But it turns out that Zied also looked like poles aside from his long-haired avatar in 90 day fiancé: before 90 days, before meeting his future wife Rebecca. TO Reddit A fan has shared a picture of Zied, 28, looking to be before twenty, with the caption “Oh hi Zied!“And seeing Zied in a way they’ve never seen him before, 90 day fiancé Fans have left thirsty reactions in the comments.

What boy band was he in, again? Myla vox? “asks a fan, throwing a reference to 90 day fiancé Nicaraguan season 2 castmate Yamir Castillo, who was a pop star. Another TLC viewer jokes, “I need this to be a blanket, a mug, and a wall sticker soon.” A Reddit user chimed in with: “Can you stop shining?“And a comment after the notes,”Serving some reality to Anakin Skywalker!“While some fans hilariously suggest that Zied may have worn a Hayden Christensen filter on his face, some seem to be serious about his taking his 90 day fiancé Filter the trail of the queen’s wife.

But with such an old image, it is clear that 90 day fiancé The celebrity Zied was nothing like his current self when he was younger. And with the speed at which Zied continues to improve her appearance, perhaps Rebecca may have a hard time catching up with her No. 4 husband despite her own liposuctions and FaceApp hacks.

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90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

Source: Reddit

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