90 Day Boyfriend: Jess Caroline Responds To Body Shaming During Honeymoon

Jess Caroline has found happiness since she appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Unfortunately, the Brazilian has to deal with rude commentators.

Jess Caroline has come a long way since she came out 90 day fiancé franchise villain Colt Johnson in a spinoff show 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? The Brazilian bombshell, who dated Colt following her divorce from Larissa Lima, has been celebrating her honeymoon with her new husband Brian Hanvey in Honolulu, Hawaii. Unfortunately, the reality star is dealing with hatred from some nasty commenters.

Both Jess and Larissa have come out about the alleged abuse they experienced while dating Colt, who has long been looked down upon by viewers. However, Jess shocked fans when she announced that she had quickly parted ways with her ex and married her new boyfriend Brian. The reality star made the shocking announcement and featured her husband at the 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? tall for season 5. According to her Instagram account, the Brazilian bombshell is currently enjoying a sunny honeymoon in Hawaii with her “love forever“Brian. While Jess seems happy and in love, not all fans have been positive about her wonderful journey. After the reality star shared several photos in a bathing suit, some commenters were rude in their responses.

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Jess shared several images of herself in a cheetah-print swimsuit, which were quickly posted on the franchise’s fan account. @ 90dayfiancefanatics2. While the reality star received a lot of praise and compliments on her own profile, fans were more rude in the comments on the fan account. “She only stained Aina with her presence“wrote one commenter.”It’s a very lucky Plan B“someone added sarcastically. While some commenters were positive, Jess responded to a woman who was particularly rude.”You should go on a diet.😢 “wrote one commenter, to which Jess simply replied”why? “Others were quick to defend Jess and call the woman who insulted her physique rude.”You must be ashamed of yourself ….“A commenter wrote to Jess’s critic.”Take down a partner who has done absolutely nothing to you!“You can see Jess’s original post below:

Fortunately, Jess received a lot of support on her main account, as many fans appreciate both her figure and her confidence. Many fans were quick to praise her curvy figure, with just one writing “It is the confidence for me 💛💛. “Jess replied with”always ❤️, “showing that she was not willing to allow negative comments to affect her self-esteem.”Jess, you are so perfect! ❤️ have fun baby“Another fan wrote to the newlywed. Many also congratulated the Brazilian on her recent marriage.”Such beauty. Happiness suits you! 🔥🙌👏🌹 “commented another fan. Some even called their ex Colt and one of his memorable phrases worthy of shame.”Jess’s inbox right now: Coltee: “Good morning my cock! I love you my cock“wrote the fan.

While Jess has a lot more followers than critics, unfortunately she still has to deal with people who criticize her body. Jess seems to be keeping a positive attitude as she thanks many fans who praise her and politely calls out to those who feel the need to comment negatively on her body. One thing that is clear is that Jess seems to be much happier with Brian than with Colt. As Colt prepares to marry his fiancee Vanessa Guerra, Jess appears happy in her skin and with her man.

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Source: 90dayfiancefanatics2 / Instagram, Jess Caroline / Instagram

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