90 Day Boyfriend: Yara Zaya Shows Off Her Fit Figure In New IG Post

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren are dealing with unexpected news about the 90-day fiancé. But on social media, Yara knows how to surprise with her fashion choices.

While season 8 90 day fiancé Star Yara Zaya has been dealing with drama and an unexpected pregnancy on the hit show TLC, the 25-year-old has been thriving in real life. Ukrainian beauty is establishing herself as a beauty and fashion influencer as the current season continues to air.

Yara’s relationship with her fiancé Jovi Dufren has run into many obstacles. The couple enjoyed a dizzying romance that resulted in a tragic miscarriage before Yara joined her fiancé in Louisiana. Once she arrived in New Orleans, Yara was unimpressed with her surroundings and made clear her desire for a luxurious life. Jovi, on the other hand, has featured a colorful past, as well as potential alcohol abuse issues. Fans have been skeptical of the partier’s willingness to settle down, especially when he learned the news from Yara about a second unexpected pregnancy with doubts. The couple has been shown on the hit show TLC reacting to the news, but rumors have been for months that they got married last February and welcomed a girl into the world recently. Giving birth has not interfered with Yara’s love of fashion, as she continues to show her style and taste to her growing Instagram and YouTube fan base.

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Although Yara has expressed her love for expensive things, she also presents herself as more realistic in her YouTube videos. The Ukrainian makeup professional also has a great love for fashion, and her mission is to share new looks with her fans many times a week. On February 12, the blonde beauty earned a lot of praise by sharing two photos of herself on Instagram in an outfit that highlighted her enviable curves. Yara stunned in a fitted, low-cut lavender dress, which she paired with sheer and gold heels and a white Michael Kors bag. His comment section was quickly filled with compliments and lots of fiery emotes. “Beauty 😍❤️ My favorite in 90 days! We just don’t get caught by Ukrainian girls 😭 “commented one fan. In the past, Yara has been criticized by some for her outspoken and honest personality, though she has also made her a fan favorite among viewers. Many appreciate her unfiltered honesty and find that Ukrainian beauty is funny. You can see Yara’s post below:

It appears that Yara is adjusting well to motherhood, though neither Yara nor Jovi can comment on their rumored son or the status of their relationship until after the show ends airing. After videos of a teenage Yara surfaced, some viewers accused her of being a gold digger. In the past, Yara declared that she wanted to be with a rich foreigner. Since Jovi has a high-paying job in underwater mechanics, some have been skeptical of what Yara sees in the party boy. However, it seems that Yara really has feelings for her alleged husband. Since the couple are believed to be currently parents, many fans have supported them in solving their issues.

Fans of the dramatic couple will have to tune in to new episodes of 90 day fiancé to see how their love story turns out. Although Jovi’s reaction to Yara’s unexpected pregnancy enraged fans, many are hoping that it may turn things around in future episodes.

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