90 Day Fiancé: Big Ed’s ‘Disturbing’ and ‘Desperate’ Buss It Challenge

Like Paola and Larissa, Big Ed tries the Buss It Challenge. After doing some random, no-beat dance moves, he ends up humping!

After receiving so many compliments from 90 day fiancé: before 90 days fans for losing 18 pounds, Big Ed is once again getting a huge backlash. Many fans were finally taking Ed seriously because he wasn’t looking for attention, focused on himself, and worked hard to get in shape. But he recently took on the popular TikTok challenge, Buss It Challenge, and posted the video on his Instagram. Although Ed tried to give his best performance, many fans were not impressed. They left comments like “Disturbing“Y”It made my day worse.

Many 90 day fiancé Viewers are not fans of the San Diego native Ed because they think he was really disrespectful to his Filipino girlfriend, Rosemarie Vega. Given that Rose was only 24 and Ed 55, many felt it was inappropriate for Ed to date a girl who was even younger than his own daughter. Still, he somehow has over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Ed probably thinks it’s his duty to keep his audience entertained. A few months ago, he used to post photos with hot young Asian girls while trying to present himself as a playboy. But most of his followers didn’t believe those girls were actually his friends and assumed Ed was paying them to click.

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Former photographer Ed has been called an attention seeker many times on his Instagram. And his new IG post apparently falls into the same category. Like Paola Mayfield and her husband Russ Mayfield and Larissa Lima, Ed took up the Buss It challenge. During the first half of the video, he appeared with a broken appearance while wearing his black T-shirt and black shorts. She did some random, rhythmic dance moves and then flaunted a glamorous look while wearing a chicken costume. I was supposed to twerk to the beat of the Erica Banks song. “Buss It.“But, it seemed like he was fucking air with that costume, which looked pretty”disturbing. “Look at the video Ed posted on his IG:

If Ed did this challenge to make his fans laugh, then he failed miserably because most 90 day fiancé fans don’t seem impressed. They commented things like “Please stop going too far, you are not a celebrity “,” you are the cryiest person in the world “,” if you are trying to be funny, it is not working “. Y “Yes, I think it’s time to stop following.

But, if former TLC star Ed posted this video to increase his share of IG posts, he certainly did it. Usually you get less than 100 comments on your photos and videos. This challenge attracted more than 900 comments from 90 day fiancé: before 90 days fans.

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