90 Day Fiancé: Brandon Gets Double Kisses In New Loved IG Video

The 90-day engaged couple, Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina, were rumored to have separated. That doesn’t appear to be the case based on Brandon’s latest video.

Brandon Gibbs has seen his love life with his fiancee Julia Trubkina wrestle in 90 day fiancé due to Betty and Ron, their overprotective and intrusive parents. It seems that the 28-year-old no longer suffers from that problem according to the beloved video he shared on Instagram.

Brandon immediately fell in love with the beautiful Russian dancer, but has yet to bring her his American dream. Betty and Ron have forced Julia to work on their farm, and living under the same roof as her parents and her fiancé has created tension. While his mother has admitted to being jealous of the time Julia and Brandon spend together, Brandon has been trying to please the two leads in his life. When Julia becomes 90 day fiancé A fan favorite, many viewers have accused the Dinwiddie, Virginia, farmer of failing to defend his future wife. While the couple are unable to reveal the status of their relationship while the show airs, rumors have circulated that Julia is back in Russia. Brandon and Julia have apparently closed this theory with some suspiciously timely Instagram posts suggesting that they are together.

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On February 12, Julia shared a photo of the couple smiling together on the beach in a warm hug. While this photo alone was a good indicator that the couple is likely to remain an article, Brandon soon followed up his post with one of his own. The 28-year-old shared a video of himself lying topless on what appears to be his bed as Julia kisses his cheek on one side and an adorable German Shepherd dog licks his other cheek. Julia recently referred to one of what appears to be the Gibbs family German Shepherds as her “son, “So it’s very likely the couple is still together and is now a family of three. Brandon captioned his lighthearted video.”Love that loves you Happy Valentine’s Day guys ❤. Like Julia, Brandon also used the couple’s #Brandonandjulia hashtag in the Valentine’s Day themed post. The couple quickly received positive and excited comments on their posts as many fans have been encouraging them to stay together. You can. see Brandon’s post below:

Julia seems like the kindest and most normal person of all time on this show“wrote a fan in Brandon’s video.”I would make sure not to let her go.“Many other commenters expressed their happiness and enthusiasm for the video, despite the couple not being able to comment on their relationship until the show ends airing. Although Brandon has been receiving criticism from fans for not defending Julia to her parents. , there are still a lot of viewers who are fans of the couple. “I love you both and your dog too“wrote a fan among the chorus of praise. In the past, Brandon has focused on fighting negativity with glee and humor, as both he and Julia don’t allow critics to get to them.

While the official status of Brandon and Julia’s relationship remains unknown for sure, they are indicating that they will be one of many. 90 day fiancé success stories. Meanwhile, fans can watch their love story continue to air. The show will return this week after its brief hiatus.

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Source: Brandon Gibbs / Instagram

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