90 Day Fiancé Pillow Talk star Annie surprised IG with a Valentine’s Day makeover; however, her husband David Toborowsky has to deflect critics.

It is certainly 90 day fiancé The cute smile of star Annie and her sweet chemistry with David Toborowsky that wins the love of fans. While the pair may not have been favorites during their first season of TLC, it was David and Annie’s surprising antics in Pillow talk that made fans love them. However, Annie’s latest makeover posted by 90 day fiancé her husband David on Instagram has not surprised many fans. Here’s why some say they are afraid of Annie “vampireInspired by the Valentine’s Day makeover.

Season 5 of 90 day fiancé It featured the unlikely pair of David, 48, from Louisville, and Annie, 24, from Thailand. After seeing Annie perform with her angelic voice in a karaoke bar, David fell in love with his future wife and offered her a drink. But the trip to the United States was not easy for the couple with David and Annie, who had financial problems and drank alcohol, who was 24 years his junior. The family of the Thai TLC star demanded a large dowry, including water buffalo, which David recently managed to pay. Still, even after marriage and moving to the US, 90 day fiancé The couple leaned on David’s friend Chris, who paid for Annie’s visa and gave them a storage unit to stay. However, things finally started to look up for David and Annie, who have now moved into their space and are busy. 90 day fiancé icons, featuring solo kitchen spin-offs and getting impressive makeovers. But while her Instagram followers praise David’s infamous veneers and a new head of hair, Annie’s new Valentine’s Day glow is seemingly scaring them off.

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The pair of #couplegoals 90 day fiancé They recently revealed that they suffered from COVID-19 in 2020, after which David and Annie spent time on vacation in the Dominican Republic. After her return home to Fountain Hills, Arizona, Annie has wowed her IG fans with her culinary skills. But in David ToborowskyIn the most recent post, his wife showed a never-before-seen avatar that he 90 day fiancé star captioned with, “Annie said I have a new look for you. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day a little earlier. I never say no to my queen. ” the Spice it up with David and Annie celeb exclaimed, “Happy wife = happy life. “

Nevertheless, 90 day fiancé Fans in the comments on David’s post had some not-so-nice things to say about Annie’s stunning look with her pink eyeshadow, bright red lips, and a come here look. “I’m sorry the makeup is horrible“Wrote a fan to which David responded with”we were just having fun, ”And another commented,“Annie I love you but a little scared. ” One 90 day fiancé viewer exclaimed, “vampire vibes lol, “While another fan laughed,”hahaha look at her face, “But Pat was David’s answer,”I love. “

Certainly, one can learn to handle criticism calmly 90 day fiancé star David. After all, it takes a true king like David to know how to treat a queen like his Annie properly.

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Source: David Toborowsky / Instagram

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