All the actors who almost played Mad Max in Fury Road

It’s hard to see anyone but Tom Hardy as the antihero Mad Max from Fury Road, but the George Miller franchise considered other high-profile stars before him.

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Tom Hardy playing Fury road Mad Max, an almost mute antihero, but director George Miller’s franchise considered many high-profile stars before settling on him. Released in 1979, the original Mad max It catapulted star Mel Gibson to world fame and led to the actor’s illustrious on-screen career, which Gibson then traded for a period behind the camera after spending a few decades in the limelight. That said, recent like Dragged through the concrete or Fat Man I suggest an acting comeback is in the works for the elderly actor.

However, although the on going Mad max series gave Gibson a role as iconic as his later Lethal weapon Martin Riggs, after the third film in the series, the actor had to admit that he was (again, as his Lethal weapon character) getting too old to continue in the lead role in Miller’s thruster action series. Although the Mad max The films started out as a scant, realistic revenge thriller, ironically intended to highlight the human cost of dangerous driving, in the first sequel. The road warrior the series was set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and had evolved into a more action-packed, fast-paced genre genre.

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When production was getting ready Mad max 4 In the 2000s, Miller realized he had to replace the older (and increasingly controversial) Gibson with a star who was better suited to the physical demands of playing Max. However, throughout the long and tortuous process of producing Path of fury, it was never clear who would take on the role of the same name for Mad maxfourth exit. Gibson brought toughness and a quiet charm that few action stars could boast, as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude Van Damme were too big or Bruce Willis or Matt Damon were too focused on all-man roles to take on a science-fi series with a hero so crazy that his name hints at his instability. Ultimately, the creators found the perfect replacement in Tom Hardy, whose movie history combined blockbusters with more intimate independent endeavors. But before deciding on him The Dark Knight Rises actor, the producers chose from a host of notable names, some of whom nearly snatched the role from Hardy.

Jeremy renner

Jeremy Renner Bourne Legacy Mission Impossible

The replacement Jason bourne/ possibly the most expendable Avenger Jeremy Renner came very close to landing the role of Mad max before the creators settled on Hardy. Renner actively lobbied for the lead role in Path of fury and it was even being considered for screen tests before Miller went off with the more idiosyncratic Hardy. Renner had an impressive history playing tough action hero types, but his commitment to the then ongoing Avengers The franchise, as well as the ever-expanding MCU, likely influenced the producer’s eventual decision to go the other direction. However, despite Renner’s mandate as Mad max it wasn’t meant to be, the actor got so close that Zoe Kravitz later admitted she did a chemistry test with him before Hardy was cast. It’s strange trying to imagine the toughest and least quirky actor playing Max., But Renner undeniably has the seething intensity that Gibson brought to his stoic role debut against the broader, camper elements of the band. Mad max The franchise began to appear in later entries.

Channing tatum

Channing Tatum in White House Down

Around the time the comedic and action movie stalwart earned accolades for his turns in movies like Foxcatcher Y Magic mike, Channing Tatum was also in the running to play Max. The easy charm he brought to the action comedy outings of the 21 Jump Street series may have made Tatum an obvious choice for Fury road Mad Max. However, while the actor’s physique is perfect for the role, his central role in the 2015 sci-fi action flop. ascent to Jupiter probably left the Mad max The creators, with a sigh of relief, opted for Tom Hardy. ascent to Jupiter showed Tatum would have a hard time selling the central role in a potentially silly sci-fi movie, even if said movie featured creators like the iconic Wachowski sisters from Matrix franchise fame. Even before that failure, however, the critical failure of The Eagle He had already shown that Tatum’s strengths did not lie in the action set in the desert as far as the reviewers are concerned, making the decision easier for Mad maxcreators.

Heath ledger

Heath Ledger as the Joker

Before his untimely death, Heath Ledger was considered for the role of Mad max, which gives an idea of ​​how long Path of fury spent in development hell. It’s impossible to know how much of the movie viewers ended up watching in 2015 was finalized when Ledger was considered for the pre-2008 portion, so his Mad max It may have ended very differently if the actor had played the part. What is clear is that, between highly successful roles such as a gentlemen’s tale or The dark knight and the most subtle character work seen in Secret in the mountain, Ledger would have fit the character perfectly. Tragically, he was unable to take on the role, though it is notable that after passing a subsequent Nolan bat Man The villain had the opportunity to make Max his own.

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Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn in The Mandalorian and Aliens

As reported by Ain’t It Cool News in 1997 (when it was one of the only movie gossip sites on the internet), Aliens The Biehn star was apparently considered for the role of Mad max almost two decades before Path of fury They came together. Biehn cut his teeth The terminator, an equally scarce, low-budget sci-fi thriller that spawned a larger franchise, and the actor was something of a muse to sci-fi teacher James Cameron. A sci-fi film staple that appeared in everything from Cameron’s production to 2007. Grindhouse, Biehn would have been a perfect fit with Max, although at 64 he’s only slightly younger than the original star Gibson. As such, there was a very short window in which Biehn’s theoretical role as a “younger” replacement would have made sense, so director George Miller opted for a much younger actor (with Hardy being more than two decades younger. than Gibson), which allowed more Mad max quotas to maintain the same cast without re-aging problems.

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