Among Us developer InnerSlot has announced the release of new official merchandise for the game, including 3D art mosaics, stationery and more.

InnerSloth, developer of Among us Developer InnerSloth has released some new official products for the game on the studio’s online store, such as 3D art mosaics, hats, stationery and more. The online social game exploded in popularity last year, thanks in part to many streamers showcasing the game on their channels. The game has become so popular that it has even caught the attention of Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai, who recently said that he is a fan but is concerned about the longevity of the game.

The fun visuals and engaging game mechanics have made the game accessible and enjoyable for many people. Being available to play for free on smartphones and tablets has also definitely helped the game further expand its audience and player base. The game was able to impressively reach more than 500 million active players last November, making it one of the most popular games ever. And that was even before the game launched on the Nintendo Switch in December.

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InnerSloth announced the launch of its new Among us merch on the game’s official Twitter account. Some of the new items that fans can purchase through the company’s online store include a Crewmate hat available in different colors, multiple face masks with a different colored teammate embroidered on each, and a host of sheets. of decals. There are also display tiles that feature designs printed on acrylic in multiple layers to create a 3D effect. Art mosaics can also be personalized with available decals to further personalize them.

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Interestingly, InnerSlot is working with various groups and artists to design and create new products, all of which have been very well recognized by the developer. According to the new listings, the face mask is made by Stitchback Stories, the art mosaics and stickers are produced by Artovision3D, and the sticker sheets were designed by Lokii, Shantel Smith, and Tanpopo. The new merchandise is just the latest in the studio’s growing inventory. Among us goods. The studio previously released other items such as coffee mugs, blankets, phone cases, shirts, and much more.

Given the Among us is a social game that achieved its success mainly thanks to its community, it seems appropriate that InnerSloth works with the members to produce official merchandise for the game. This initiative has definitely led to a lot of great designs for their merchandise and hopefully the studio can continually work with smaller artists and companies in the future, especially considering how many fans Among us merchandising and gifts that exist.

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Source: InnerSloth

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