Animal Crossing players are using Gulliver’s items in SUPER creative builds

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have done incredibly creative things using the real-world monuments they’ve received from Gulliver.

the Animal Crossing: New Horizons The community has found tons of creative ways to take their island designs to the next level, mastering the game’s customization mechanics. They have already found uses for various hacked items, such as the fence found on Harv Island. Players have even found a host of unique ways to incorporate unique collectibles like those offered by Gulliver into island skins.

Gulliver’s furniture is all themed in different places in the world, like the pyramids of Giza, which makes it somewhat difficult to use. Most players will simply use these items for outdoor decoration, such as placing the Statue of Liberty near the docks to welcome new players. However, some creative players have found fascinating ways to use these items.

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These items can be acquired by helping special NPC Gulliver locate his communicator parts each time he washes up on a player’s island. It should be noted that there are two NPCs who can wash up on beaches that look strikingly similar, being Gulliver and his pirate equivalent, Captain Gullivarrr. Gulliver, the non-pirate, is the NPC that offers players furniture with themes related to world travel.

These island designers have uploaded tons of online tutorials and quick builds to guide players through using some of these more obtuse elements. The most popular world travel items seem to be the Pyramids and the Pagoda. Even if players don’t want to use Gulliver’s unique item set, some of the techniques players use with their world travel builds can help take a player’s island to the next level.

One way this furniture is used is through forced perspective accent pieces, which are perfect for giving the islands a more panoramic view. The basic principle behind this design is that, when players look at a series of furniture in a specific way, it can seem like a distant setting. Pagodas are frequently used in this style of design as, from a distance, they can often look like the feudal towers of Japan.

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To make a forced perspective scenario, players will need to use the terrain editing tools to set up a viewing location for the scenario. From there, the trick is to design the area to look like it’s much further out than it actually is, using smaller furniture and custom patterns to complete the illusion. Setting the forced perspective scenario as low as possible will also help sell the visual, as New Horizons It has a nice fog effect when viewing lower ground.

Another simpler way that players have been using Gulliver’s furniture set is in themed areas for certain villagers. A popular one is to give the popular Egyptian-themed cat villager Ankh a desert vibe, complete with pyramids. With terrain painting tools and some palm trees, players can help make pyramids feel at home in a special themed region of an island.

There are also some smaller buildings for which monument-themed elements have been used. The pyramids have been used as roofs for miniature houses made of panels, and the torch of the Statue of Liberty has been used as a stylized torch for various outdoor settings. These two methods can sometimes involve small amounts of build glitches and exploits, but can also provide a unique look to a player’s island.

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