Nintendo had created Animal Crossing Valentine cards featuring characters from New Horizons, making this the perfect Valentine’s gift for any fan.

Nintendo has made Animal crossing cards based on Valentine’s Day, and their adoration is likely to touch the hearts of any fan. Valentine’s does not have an official event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, unlike the past Animal crossing games, but these cards allow the possibility of celebrating Valentine’s Day in the spirit of New Horizons.

The February update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons It didn’t feature as much content beyond the upcoming Festivale vacation, upsetting some fans who are still awaiting the arrival of characters like Brewster. For Valentine’s Day, the update brought two gifts that could be ordered in the seasonal tab of the Nook catalog, the chocolate heart and the heart-shaped bouquet. Valentine is in Animal crossing never went beyond receiving a gift from an NPC like Isabelle, but in New Horizons, the already minor holiday has been further postponed compared to Festivale, which is a shame given that Valentine’s is such a popular holiday.

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Valentine’s cards in Play Nintendo can be downloaded for free and features various characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is not the first time Nintendo has offered Animal crossing content outside the game. Isabelle’s letter is short and sweet, which is accurate for her character, but Blathers, CJ, and Flick’s letters use puns befitting their characters. Celeste’s letter refers to her love of astrology, while Wilbur and Orville’s letter highlights the teamwork they do together.

Because Animal Crossing: New Horizons Released at the beginning of the pandemic, many gamers have chosen to celebrate various real-life events in the world of Animal crossing. These include 2020 graduations and weddings in the absence of these real life events. Some players have dedicated themselves to recreating real life locations or movies to have a sense of connection to normalcy. Today, many people are hungry for social interaction, which is what made the game’s launch timing so perfect.

Since Valentine’s is around the corner, some players may choose to go to a Animal crossing Valentine’s date with someone special. Others may just hang out with their friends, and others may vacation alone. But no matter how players choose to spend the next vacation, Animal crossing will continue to be a valuable tool to regain that social connection that has been lost this year. The characters on these cards are those that many knew at the beginning of this pandemic, so send these cards to any Animal crossing fan is sure to brighten spirits and melt their hearts.

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Source: Play Nintendo

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