Animal Crossing’s TikTok copycat is hilariously accurate

TikToker @bruhtuck hilariously impersonates an Animal Crossing: New Horizons squirrel with a low voice and a gorilla with a loud voice.

One Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan on TikTok has pretty much summed up what it’s like to talk to these crazy anthropomorphic animals. In a video that went viral on social media, the fan posed as a squirrel with a deep voice and a gorilla with a high voice, joking about how the voices of animals sometimes do not match their species at all. .

The beloved Animal crossing series has been around since 2001 with the release of Forest Animal in Japan. Although the scenes, characters, and gameplay have changed over the years, the root of the Animal crossing The series remains the same: Human villagers live among a group of human-like animals and pay off massive home loans to a greedy raccoon named Tom Nook. Animals speak their own fake and gibberish-sounding language called Animalse, which is translated into text in the player’s language. Also, the voices of the animals are based on their personality type: sister, normal, vivacious, sporty, lazy, smug, irritable and conceited. Irritable villagers have the deepest voices, regardless of species, while lively villagers have high-pitched voices.

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For the most part, each of the 35 species in the game has at least one of each personality. So it tends to be a bit surprising when players walk up to a cute bunny and hear a voice as deep as Corpse Husband. Or in bruhtuckIn the case of a squirrel. “Do you ever get up close to one of those cute moron animals in Animal Crossing, he’s like a squirrel, and then he says“said the TikToker in his video.

What followed was an incredible low-pitched personification of Animals. Without seeing the clip, one might think that it was actually a Animal crossing talking animal. Tuck then added: “You look at a fucking gorilla, and [he] be like, “followed by a sharp version of the language. The hilarious video racked up more than 326,000 likes and over 3,380 comments. Fans know very well how accurate the impersonations were.

There is no denying that some things in Animal crossing Has no sense. To be fair, what else can we expect from a game where animals walk, talk, and make the most of capitalism? Those unusual voices are an example of things that we simply cannot question in Animal crossing. Either way, Nintendo must have done something right with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, because it’s slated to become the best-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time.

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Source: bruhtuck / TikTok

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