While you bring Are you afraid of the dark? Back for a new miniseries, the show’s creatives honored and updated the style of the original show.

The original Are You Afraid of the Dark ?, which ran over seven seasons, was a huge success for the then-young Nickelodeon network. Focusing on the gang of horror-loving teenagers known as the Midnight Society, the series explored the scary stories that would all be told in the dead of night. The new incarnation of the series, subtitled Curse of the shadows, takes that tone and the concept of Midnight Society, but also expands the stories to develop into a miniseries.

During an exclusive interview with CBR, Are You Afraid of the Dark ?: Curse of the Shadows executive producer / showrunner JT Billings and executive producer Matt Kaplan discussed their connection to the original series and what it’s like to bring a new one to life. Midnight Society. .

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For both Billings and Kaplan, being able to produce their own version of Are you afraid of the dark? it was a dream come true. They revealed themselves as fans of the original series. “Are you afraid of the dark? it was my favorite show as a kid, “Kaplan explained.” So being able to bring that back was something that, when Nickelodeon approached us to do this, was a lot of fun for our company. We love telling stories with young adults and the idea that we can scare them and bring back that Midnight Society was something we were really excited about. “

Billings added: “It was very important for us to capture what made the original so special. We’re not trying to replace it because it’s there, it’s going nowhere and we don’t want it to. We love the original episodic anthology, where every new episode was a new scary story around the campfire … as far as doing the original justice, it was important for all creators to throw as many Easter eggs at the [original] show as possible. So anything in the background, if there is a comic, it will be the Ghastly Grinner. If there is something in the Magic Mansion of Sardo, it will be the Magic Mansion or something else that you won’t expect to appear there. Although some audiences will not understand, we really want to pay tribute to those who were there first and have a good claim for this show. “

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The modern version of Are you afraid of the dark? tells longer stories than the original show, focusing on a central cast for a miniseries arc, something that especially thrilled Billings. “We’re doing a seasonal anthology … I think the connecting factor is leaning towards the Midnight Society. It won’t always be a story that comes to life, The Midnight Society won’t always tell a story that they find themselves. But the important thing is that There will be different chapters of this group that we will follow and we can see what makes them different from the rest. How do they stand out and what nightmare will they face? “

Reflecting on how this second season of You are afraid of the dark? focuses on a completely different Midnight Society than the one featured in the revival’s first season, Are you afraid of the dark ?: Carnival of Doom, Kaplan explained how the producers were delighted with “the fun challenge of … how do we continually build a world? Something like what you see with Marvel with their [cinematic universe.] It’s like, maybe there’s a way to link all these different Midnight Societies … whether they know each other, they don’t know each other. I think what we’ve landed on this season is, let’s go to all the new talents, a whole new story, but stick with that core group from Midnight Society, and always lean on a fresh new take on that with completely new scary stories. that continue throughout the season.

You are afraid of the dark? offers a whole new generation of horror fans the experience of the franchise, something that Kaplan and the other producers put in a lot of work to explore. “I think a lot of young adults today are getting smarter with what feels authentic and real,” Kaplan explained. “We have had to adapt to the times of the types of stories that we are going to tell. But, again, many young people experienced the former … as a first crush or a first getaway. And all those kinds of things are always going to resonate. , and what it’s like to be alone in the dark. I think we lean on all the fun tropes that I think exist for all young people. But I think we’ve evolved with some of the modern times, even when it comes to what kids are scared and I think this season is really worth it. “

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It was a sentiment that Billings reiterated, saying, “I think the most important part of this show is how it was on the [original series] it is the heart along with the horror. And the heart of our program is the Midnight Society. They are the characters themselves. We wonder, how do we make the scariest scenes terrifying and then immediately follow up with something fun? And that’s both our characters and our cast. They are so wonderful. They bring the characters of the story to life. I always loved the idea of ​​what we would get if we took the Goonies and then threw them into a horror movie, or what if the kids of Ferris bueller He skipped school, but then ended up being cursed. It was really important to tell those classic coming-of-age stories, but for a modern audience in modern times. “

“I really hope you guys enjoy it. You know, being a fan of the original, I grew up watching it. And it’s what led to my love of horror as a genre. And I think we wanted to make this scary, and Nickelodeon has been a great partner in this where they were totally willing to do it. We wanted it to be exciting for older audiences and safe enough for younger audiences. And I think this season is a lot about the characters and they ‘are driving the story forward. And I think horror places characters in places young people today already identify with, be it dependency or disempowerment, or even lost in the dark. The beasts that heroes conquer in history are closely related, on par with that young people have to face today. “

Are you afraid of the dark? The Curse of Shadows stars Bryce Gheisar, Arjun Athalye, Beatrice Kitsos, Malia Baker, Dominic Mariche, and Parker Queenan. The new episodes air on Fridays on Nickelodeon.

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