Actress Ashley Judd recently spoke about a painful fall in the Congo rainforest that nearly cost the Star Trek star his leg.

Actress Ashely Judd often travels to the Congo as part of her work with the endangered Bonobo ape population. During a recent hike through the jungle, she suffered a fall that left her hospitalized.

In an Instagram live chat with New York Times‘Nicholas Kristof, Judd explained that he tripped over a fallen tree and broke his leg. She then described “55 incredibly harrowing hours” of being transported from the jungle to a medical facility in South Africa. They took her by hand and then transported her by motorcycle for six hours. Judd stated that during that time, she was “howling like a wild animal” and losing consciousness.

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The actress recognized her privilege and the fact that she was treated in a way that most Congolese would not have been in the same situation. “The difference between a Congolese person and myself is the disaster insurance that allowed me, 55 hours after my accident, to reach an operating table in South Africa.” He then highlighted basic needs that many Congolese currently do not have access to, such as electricity and medicine.

He later explained that his purpose in talking about his personal injury is to raise awareness about the situation in the Congo and “what it means to be a Congolese in extreme poverty without access to medical care, pain medication, any kind of services or options.”

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Source: Deadline

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