Bleach: Ichigo’s 10 Worst Character Traits, Ranked

The anime Bleach He was once one of the “big three” of shonen, and he had a hero to match. Ichigo Kurosaki is a classic shonen leader with determination, courage, and an enthusiastic attitude, plus an anti-hero punk side that gave him a bit more depth. This helped set him apart from his fellow Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki.

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But of course Ichigo is not a perfect human being, nor should he be. Like every other cast member in Bleach, Ichigo has his unpleasant side and sometimes his attitude or behavior gets worse, and he could make as many enemies as friends during his quest to save the world. What are the ten least desirable aspects of Ichigo’s personality, in general?

10 Ichigo’s minimal sense of humor turns him into a wet blanket

Ichigo Clorox Bleach

Bleach it’s got more than a little bit of humor, especially when there are characters like Orihime Inoue and Rangiku Matsumoto, and these characters and more play with each other quite well for humor. But Ichigo doesn’t feel it.

Ichigo makes a few jokes here and there, but overall, he’s a real wet blanket when the mood is light, and he feels like a real killjoy at times. Can’t you perk up and appreciate the good humor of others, instead of rolling your eyes so often?

9 Ichigo is a somewhat arrogant hero

To some extent, Ichigo has a right to consider himself the hero of the day, and it makes sense for him to boldly proclaim “I’m here to defeat evil!” But the problem is that Ichigo gets a little carried away and thinks that single can save the day.

Ichigo’s name can be translated as “a defender”, but you don’t always have to take it literally. Sometimes he annoys his allies or sabotages himself by rejecting any kind of help. Friends are there for a reason, Ichigo. Remember it.

8 Ichigo can be condescending to those around him

This negative personality trait often manifests itself alongside Ichigo’s other unsavory personality traits. Many characters in this series have a worse attitude than Ichigo, such as the snobby Ulquiorra Schiffer or the ultra-cocky Sosuke Aizen, but Ichigo still has some overlap with them.

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Here and there, Ichigo will subtly despise someone else, or will blatantly do so, and make his disapproval clear. You will often act this way based on false first (and sometimes) impressions, and in turn, make a bad impression on the other party. He treated Ganju Shiba like this, for example, and saw him as an annoying and useless ruffian. Totally unfair.

7 Ichigo is sometimes thoughtless when it comes to his friends

Bleach Ichigo And Rukia Goodbye

Every once in a while, Ichigo seems to take his friends for granted, or might not take their intentions and feelings into account when making a plan or launching a mission to save the day. More than once, Ichigo’s friends objected to this, along the lines of “Hey, don’t forget to include us in your plans!”

Ichigo intended to invade Hueco Mundo all alone, even though Uryu Ishida and Chad were ready and willing to help. Similarly, Rukia Kuchiki was ready to help, and she was saddened that Ichigo had not anticipated this move.

6 Ichigo can be quite stubborn

Bleach Ichigo Returns

It’s good that a shonen hero like Ichigo has serious guts and refuses to budge. As Naruto said, “Stop trying to get me to give up!” But Ichigo sometimes acts this way for the wrong reasons, and here and there, he goes out of his way, just to annoy everyone else.

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Once Ichigo makes a decision about something, it’s hard to convince him not to, even if his idea is flawed or risky, and it takes a kick to the face and some strong words to finally get him out of it (often Rukia handle this).

5 Ichigo can’t easily process his feelings

Ichigo Orihime Bleach

Ichigo can be somewhat forgiven for this, as he is a high school student, and everyone knows that teenagers are quite uncomfortable with matters of the heart. Still, Orihime is deeply in love with him, and Ichigo could bear to give him a chance every now and then.

Ichigo had a hard time acknowledging Orihime’s feelings for him, and when Nelliel the Arrancar hugged Ichigo tightly in front of Orihime, Ichigo panicked. It could have been a bit smoother, all things considered.

4 Ichigo regularly underestimates others

Ichigo Kurosaki has every reason to trust his abilities, such as his unique black-bladed bankai. But he also has a bad habit of taking his friends and foes too lightly, and this has cost him several times.

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Ichigo insults his friends assuming they are too weak to help (like Chad and Uryu), and Ichigo Really he sabotages himself when he underestimates his enemies, such as the fallen Sword named Dordoni. At this point, it’s bankai or failure, and it took Ichigo a minute to realize that.

3 Ichigo’s nurses hold a grudge when he should let them go

A good shonen rivalry can push the hero forward, and for every Naruto there is a Sasuke, and for every Goku, there is a Vegeta. Ichigo, however, continues to form and hold grudges, and he and Byakuya Kuchiki became hostile rivals.

Ichigo and Byakuya never totally let go of that rivalry, even when they became allies, and Ichigo kept spitting at Byakuya behind their back. Ichigo was also drawn into a fight with Ganju Shiba (his cousin) too easily, and didn’t let him go either.

two Ichigo has a short temper

Ichigo yells as Kugo tries to get information on Isshin.

Ichigo has a tendency to explode, and that is a trait he shares with his friend Rukia Kuchiki. For the most part, Ichigo is aloof and aloof, but if someone directly insults, challenges, or snubs him, he will quickly respond.

Sometimes this is played for a laugh, but other times, a villain can make Ichigo attack them, such as the time Ulquiorra provoked Ichigo in combat by explaining that Orihime had been dragged into Hueco Mundo by Ulquiorra’s own hand.

1 Ichigo is quick to criticize the others

More than once, Ichigo felt the need to express his disapproval of something or someone around him, and he never looks good while doing it. Ichigo is more than willing to make sarcastic comments about someone else’s mistakes, bad fashion sense, or weak combat skills.

Ichigo is also quick to criticize anyone who criticizes him, and seems quite youthful doing so. It’s often the “Oh yeah? Well, you’re kinda ugly!” class, typical schoolyard fare. You really should lose that bad habit.

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