Boruto: 10 Easter Eggs You’ll Only Notice On One Replay

Boruto’s Easter Eggs can not only be traced back to Naruto, but also to other media that some fans may have missed in their first round.

Being a sequel to a series with so much hype and love behind as Naruto It is not an easy task. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has stepped up and, in the eyes of many fans, is performing well after a somewhat rocky and polarizing start.

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Of course, with a sequel to a prequel series with so much history behind it, there are sure to be tons of references and Easter eggs hidden inside. Boruto. Nevertheless, BorutoEaster eggs don’t just go back to Naruto but also to other media that some fans may have missed in their first round.

10 Iodine as a resemblance to Deidara

Once the young character, Yodo, appeared in episode 55 of the Boruto anime, made many comparisons to Ino due to her similar hairstyle and hair of the same color. However, this member of Team Shinki actually looks a lot more like another Naruto character.

Kishimoto stated that when designing it he wanted to create a character inspired by “punk-rock”. However, many fans look at her and immediately see Deidara, as her facial features, from her eyes to her hair, look very similar.

9 Sarada released a Demon Wind Shuriken that was actually Boruto using the transformation jutsu, the same strategy her parents used on Zabuza.

Naruto Fans will always talk about how the battle against Zabuza was one of the highlights and draw points of the original series. The scene with Sasuke’s use of the Demon Wind Shuriken is etched in the minds of many and really made the bow even more epic, giving Sasuke one of the coolest moments and weapons at the beginning. Naruto.

Of course, Boruto I couldn’t help but throw an Easter egg that made reference to this fight with Naruto and Sasuke’s children by pulling a page out of his book directly from this battle. At the beginning of the series, Sarada released a Demon Wind Shuriken that was actually Boruto using the transformation jutsu, the same strategy her parents used on Zabuza.

8 Boruto copying Sasuke’s style

reference boruto sasuke

Many fans know that Boruto has a knack for ripping off Sasuke’s style due to Sasuke being his mentor. A scene from the series really brought him home to any classic. Naruto fan who had a keen eye to notice.

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Iwabee’s battle against Boruto helped usher in the new ninja era and featured many callbacks to the previous era. One of those callbacks was Boruto directly copying Sasuke’s fighting style during his practice battle against his team leader, Kakashi.

7 Boruto copying his father’s style

boruto naruto kick

Of course, being a mentor is far from being Boruto’s flesh and blood. Which means it is obvious that sooner or later the son will steal some tricks from his father, whether he realizes it or not, as was the case during the Iwabee fight.

Naruto has a signature kick that was not only used to save Sasuke from Gaara in the original series, but was also used to save Guy in Naruto shippuden. Boruto took this page from his father’s book and delivered this kick to the new era of the series against Iwabee.

6 It’s pretty funny that the writers remembered Narutonic after all this time.

Naruto shippudenThe final tenth is one that constantly lived on in the minds of the fans. Not only did he have an incredible amount of flair, but he also introduced a drink that became a popular meme in the Naruto community. That drink was Narutonic, which only appeared in this ending.

Well, apparently Naruto became Hokage which led more than him to etch his face on the mountain, as this drink named after him has become real.

5 There is a flashback shot with Boruto and his mentor Sasuke, which references the moment when Naruto returned to the village after they had been training.

boruto reference

There are so many moments in Boruto They serve as little throwbacks to individual shots and panels from the previous series. One such shot absolutely shocked fans when it appeared at the end of Boruto Episode 128 as the final take of the episode.

This shot showed Boruto and his mentor, Sasuke, looking out over the Hidden Leaf Village. This shot refers to the time when Naruto returned to the village after being away for training and when Sasuke finally returned after growing up. The reference to Sasuke’s past and Naruto’s growth compared to where the duo and Naruto’s son are now is absolutely stunning.

4 Openings Seven & Eight paid direct homage to two of the series’ most iconic intros

boruto intro references

BorutoThe seventh and eighth opening sequences left nostalgic Naruto fans in awe as they paid direct homage to two of the series’ most iconic intros.

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Fans everywhere lost their minds and even collected the references and put them side by side.

3 Sakura: Winter Soldier

boruto winter soldier

One thing not Naruto fan would expect it to be a reference, if not a complete redesign, of a scene from the MCU.

Sakura’s battle against Shin is just a shot-for-shot, action-for-action copy of Captain America’s battle against Bucky from Captain America: Winter Soldier.

two Boruto to the future

boruto bttf

Marvel movies aren’t the only Western movie references that Boruto it is also not taken out of the series pocket.

During the time travel arc, Sasuke and Boruto don outfits that serve as direct references to Marty McFly and Doc Brown from the Return to the future Serie.

1 Boruto: Edge of the Ninjaverse

You can also see references to other movies during a certain end of Boruto, ending 15 to be exact.

This ending titled “Answers” uses CGI animation and a color palette that is very similar to that used in Spider-Man: Edge of the Spider-Verse. To bring that home, the ending even uses the same frame rate that was used in the movie.

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