Breaking Bad characters, ranked with the lowest or highest probability of winning The Hunger Games

Breaking Bad is full of ruthless characters who are willing to bend or break the rules, but if they were competing in The Hunger Games, who would win?

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular shows on television, and it is largely due to the dynamic and intriguing characters that fans have come to know throughout the seasons. From dangerous to manipulative, kind and loyal, there are many different aspects of these characters that make them unique.

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If Walter White, his crew, and his family met as tributes to The Hunger Games, some would certainly have a greater chance of winning than others. Time to stack them up against each other and see who has the best chance, and may the odds always be in your favor.

10 Marie schrader

Breaking bad marie

Marie has fire and ambition, but she doesn’t really have any skills to help her in the arena. For starters, he hates violence and conflict. She also has never had experience with weapons or combat.

He would probably hide until he had nowhere left to go. Unfortunately for Marie, she probably wouldn’t stand a chance. Fans may feel bad for her, but they may not support her either.

9 Saul goodman

Breaking Bad Saul

Saul would do well if he could convince other tributes to stay with him and fight for him. He likes to use bodyguards, but normally Saul can be a bit of a coward and will usually avoid fighting for himself at all costs.

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After his allies left, they would leave him out in the open for almost anyone to catch. Furthermore, his allies could turn against him. Everything talks and the sand is not about that.

8 Badger

Matt Jones as Badger in Breaking Bad

This lovable and hilarious character is a great guy to have in the background, but he hasn’t exactly been shown to fans that he’s capable of standing up for himself or anyone else.

Badger would make a great friend or ally, but he would also probably freak out and not know what to do in the arena. He’s not good at combat and he’s a bit reckless to get it right.

7 Skyler White

Breaking bad Skyler

There haven’t been many times that fans have seen Skyler wield a weapon or attempt to defend herself in close combat, but somehow, fans are convinced that she would have a fighting chance.

He’s smarter than most believe, and he also has a strong mind and a determination to do his best and be better than everyone else. She would dig in her heels and fight until her last breath.

6 Todd

Breaking Bad Todd

Todd is definitely one of the cruelest characters in the series, and that in itself gives him an edge over his competitors. Todd knows how to shoot, and he’s also a big enough guy to hold his own.

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However, his downfall is definitely his recklessness and arrogance. It would come out over his head and he would probably fire a shot too soon.

5 Hank schrader

Breaking Bad Hank

Hank is a tough cookie, and although his biggest flaw is undoubtedly his arrogance as well, he would have a fighting chance. He’s not the fastest, but he’s patient and smart.

He could back off and shoot when the time was right. Also, he is not a newbie to the field and that training would definitely be helpful. However, you could get caught if it were a fist fight.

4 Gus Fring

Breaking Bad Gus

Gus Fring would probably have a small troop of allies who listened to his every command. However, in addition to that, Gus can defend himself. He’s vindictive, smart, patient, and willing to do just about anything.

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He is stronger than he looks and he certainly knows how to use a variety of weapons. Gus would do well, but he wouldn’t win, because he’s easily distracted by his passion and pride.

3 Jesse pinkman

Breaking Bad Jesse

Jesse is probably everyone’s favorite character, and of everyone on the list, he would probably be the least excited about having to kill others to win. However, I would also dig deep and do it well, because Jesse is resourceful and resilient.

He knows how to use a gun, and would certainly also be smart enough to wait on the edges instead of going with flaming guns. If Jesse wasn’t going to win, it would be because he has too good a heart.

two Mike ehrmantraut

Breaking Bad Mike

There is something about Mike that all fans can agree on, making him one of the most equipped competitors to compete in the arena. He’s surprisingly patient and he’s also probably the most skilled when it comes to weapons and combat.

Mike literally has no problem with taking lives, and he wants so much to fight for himself and his family that he would have nothing to lose. If anything was going to prevent him from being the victor, it would be the lack of fire.

1 Walter White

Breaking Bad Walter

Walter White is undoubtedly one of the smartest characters to ever come to the small screen, and he’s so innovative and creative that he would make so many traps and tools to help him in the arena.

He would outsmart his opponents and is also willing to kill and inflict pain. Walt has no filter and would do anything to win. Beyond that, he is skilled with a weapon. Walter has many flaws, but his strengths would lead him to be the winner of the games.

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