Call of Duty Mobile may be increasing the level cap, adding prestige

Call of Duty: Mobile developer TiMi Studios may increase the game’s level cap or add Prestige to its progression system in the future.

A Prestige system may be reaching Call of Duty: Mobile along with the ability to add additional levels to the game progression. The mobile version of Obligations is currently in the middle of its Fight for Humanity event, which asks players to choose a faction to join and to capture territories for their chosen side by performing specific tasks in the game. Capturing territories and earning points unlocks rewards for that faction, with each side offering its own unique set of rewards, including weapons and cosmetics.

The Fight for Humanity event is part of the game’s first season for 2021, which launched just a few weeks ago. Dubbed New Order, the new season featured a new battle pass, new weapons, new game modes, and a new original map. Also recently leaked was the fan favorite map, Shoot House of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may be making his way to COD: Mobile and the beta version is currently being tested on the game’s Chinese server. Until now, the map will feature the Domination game mode and will keep most of its original design.

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Developer TiMi Studios He posted his February 12 community update on the game’s official subreddit, where he responded to player comments calling for an increase in the game’s level cap or the addition of a Prestige system. According to the developer, the number of players requesting a maximum level increase has increased as more users have reached the current limit of 150. While he has considered several options to add more progression to Call Of Duty: Mobile, the studio has no plans to add more systems or options in the near future.

Call of Duty Mobile Shield Turret

The Prestige system was initially introduced in the original Call of Duty 4 modern warfare and has appeared in most of the main releases of the series since then. In its original incarnation, the Prestige system resets the player’s level to one and resets all their unlocked weapons and challenges. The player will then have to progress and unlock content once more, but with the additional reward of a decal marking their prestige level. The latest version of the system, which appears in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, significantly changes the way the Prestige works.

While it’s easy to expect a Prestige system to be added to Call Of Duty: Mobile, the game works quite differently than the other titles in the franchise, so it’s understandable that the developers want to handle progression in a way that suits the game. Fortunately, TiMi Studios has been diligent in providing gamers and cosmetic updates in the past. At the very least, the studio has acknowledged that gamers are looking for something to do once they hit the level cap, so hopefully it’s a problem that will be solved sooner rather than later.

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Source: TiMi Studios / Reddit

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