Clarice’s Silence of the Lambs flashbacks create a strange plot hole

Some of Clarice’s The Silence of the Lambs flashbacks don’t logically hold up and feel like a manipulative service to fans of the Oscar-winning film.

Warning: SPOILERS for Clarice Episode 1, “The Silence Is Over”.

the Clarice The series premiere contains several flashbacks and recreations of The silence of the lambsBut some don’t make sense according to what Clarice Starling actually experienced in the Oscar-winning movie. Clarice picks up on the story of Special Agent Starling a year after the events of The silence of the lambs and sets the heroine on a new path to find more serial killers, but with no further help from Hannibal Lecter.

Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) searches for the serial killer named Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) in The silence of the lambs has become legendary. Starling was simply an FBI trainee who was sent to the Baltimore State Hospital for Criminally Insane to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) and get his idea of ​​how to catch Buffalo Bill. Lecter was fascinated by Clarice and they entered a something for something arrangement in which she exchanged memories of her life for her insight. Clarice was able to locate Buffalo Bill and rescue her seventh and final victim, Catherine Martin (Brooke Smith), as well as kill the serial killer, though she was exposed to the horrors of Buffalo Bill’s gruesome house in the process. Meanwhile, Hannibal escaped captivity and became a fugitive, although he contacted Agent Starling and promised that he would not pursue her if she did him the same courtesy.

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Clarice resumes a year later The silence of the lambs finished. Although the title of the premiere episode is “The Silence Is Over”, this is not really the case for Clarice. She’s dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder since her descent into Buffalo Bill’s asylum, and Starlin is mandated to see an unsympathetic therapist (Shawn Doyle) by the FBI. When fans re-introduce Special Agent Starling (Rebecca Breeds) in Clarice, is in therapy, and her doctor deliberately triggers Starling’s traumatic memories of Buffalo Bill. However, some of the flashbacks shown to the audience sound fake because they contain moments of The silence of the lambs that Clarice didn’t actually witness.

Silence of the Lambs Clarice finale

Clariceis Sillencia of the lambs Flashbacks include images of Buffalo Bill at his home in Belvedere, Ohio, where he puts on makeup on his dressing table while Q Lazzarus’s “Goodbye Horses” plays. Bill’s precious poodle barks as she walks by and he calls out to the dog. However, this scene happened long before Special Agent Starling arrived at his home and realized that the man named Jame Gumb was the killer he was looking for. Clarice included these snippets because it awakens the memories of fans of The silence of the lambs, but Clarice herself couldn’t have remembered it, even if Catherine Martin, who was screaming in terror inside a well in the other room, told Starling about it after she was rescued.

Clarice plays more logically with her flashbacks in a later scene when Catherine (Marnee Carpenter), still traumatized, calls out to Starling, who has been avoiding her for a year. The impetuous succession of sights and sounds of The silence of the lambs it makes more sense as Catherine’s haunting memories since she was there for all of Bill’s torment. But SureShe is neglected again in another scene when some FBI agents play a prank on Starling by hiding lotion and a basket in her desk drawer. Clarice wasn’t even close when Bill told Catherine “you put the lotion on your skin or you put the hose back on”So why would this bother Starling? It’s just pure fan service that doesn’t hold up under the show’s logic.

While they may seem like minor complaints about ClariceOtherwise, the production is well done, the careless use of flashbacks is distracting. After all, The silence of the lambs is a cerebral, psychological horror thriller and a respected Oscar-winning film. This is the high pedigree Clarice aspires to match, but hinders the long-awaited continuation of Special Agent Starling’s story from the beginning, when the show manipulates audiences in a way that’s not true to Clarice Starling herself.

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