CoD Cold War Zombies: Best Uploads for Firebase Z

There are numerous weapons to choose from in Cold War Zombies. Find and level up your weapon of choice to get some awesome accessories!

Choose a weapon to defend against hordes of zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War raises a series of decisions that the player must make. Each weapon class has its advantages and disadvantages, but some weapons shine in zombie mode. Suppose a player is looking to level up a particular weapon for Warzone or multiplayer – zombies are a great way to do it, leveling weapons at an incredible rate in the lower rounds. There are several stats to consider when choosing accessories, and with the proper loadout, any weapon can feel overpowered.

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In general, weapon leveling will be constant until round 30. If the player is looking to level a particular weapon, an exfil is recommended in any round before 30. It is also advantageous to get the Deadshot Daiquiri perk. If the player invests their Aetherium Crystals to level up Deadshot, they receive a significant reduction in the spread of hip fire (great for akimbo pistols or shotguns), as well as a 100% benefit to critical damage on enemies at full health . Although some weapons do more damage than others, don’t forget to use some funnier and darker weapons! Each weapon is a once Pack-a-Punched blast!

Some of the most important statistics to consider are:

  • Shooting movement speed
  • Sprint to shoot time
  • Stroke movement speed
  • To damage
  • Bullet speed

The best assault rifles and submachine guns in CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies New Firebase Z Contains Secret Reward Box

The recoil control is also important to consider, but the speed of movement will get the player out of more difficult situations than the recoil control. Both SMGs and Assault Rifles received damage and ammo capacity buffs after the launch of Firebase Z, so it’s worth giving veteran players another chance. For the Assault Rifle class, players should look towards the QBZ-83, the FFAR 1, and the Groza. The QBZ-86 is incredibly underrated. It’s a fun pistol to use, has low recoil, and with the Deadshot and Steady Aim Laser, it’s a headshot machine that shoots from the hip. The FFAR does even more base damage than the QBZ and has a faster rate of fire. It also has higher accuracy, but lower bullet speed. Last but not least, Groza offers statistics similar to those of the FFAR. It also has a larger base magazine capacity, in addition to a faster reload speed. These assault rifles are guaranteed to provide the player with a good time.

Balance patches have been produced since the initial release of Cold War, resulting in weapons better suited for multiplayer. Submachine guns are good for leveling up in the other game modes and provide the player with the highest base movement speed. The AK-74u is an alternative to the bulkier class of assault rifle. It has game-changing accessories as well as high mobility. Another notable SMG is the MP5. With the right combination of benefits and accessories, the MP5 takes run-n’-gun to a whole new level.

Best Tactical Rifles in CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Although the M16 and AUG have similar characteristics, there is hardly any usage scenario where the AUG outshines the M16. The DMR is an excellent single-shot alternative to any SMG / LMG / AR. While Pack-a-Punched, the DMR will take out the zombies with a headshot until well into the middle of the round of 20. These weapons start to prove their worth with a couple of accessories, especially the Raider level of options. on stocks. Tactical rifles are better suited to the hands of a precise player and outshine the assault class in all categories except rounds per second and base magazine size. With the addition of Deadshot, accessories and precision will significantly increase the player’s success with this class.

Other great weapons in CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Light machine guns are controversial in zombies. Many players prefer the faster reload time of smaller weapons, but others find the improved base magazine size of light machine guns significant enough to use. For this class, the Stoner 63 has proven to be the most versatile LMG, with arguments for usage scenarios leaning towards the M60. In the sniper rifle class, nothing beats the LW3-Tundra’s damage and movement speed. Pistols are a great combination of fun and difficulty, especially the Magnum with the 12-round speed magazine. Pack-a-Punched, the Magnum is a headshot machine. Shotguns are a game between the Hauer 77 and the Gallo SA12. The Hauer has higher damage, but the SA12’s magazine is bigger with a faster reload per shell.

Weapons Meme in CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Although not practical in higher rounds, melee weapons should not be underestimated. If the player intermittently hits his knife while progressing through the rounds, the knife will still be a killing blow. Alternatively, if the player is looking for a little challenge and maximum fun, they should try the M79 Grenade Launcher or the RPG-7. Although ridiculously terrible to start with, once packaged launchers are a mighty giant foe, Orda. They have no accessories here, just raw explosive damage. Once the player reaches later rounds, all pitchers become efficient strategies for dealing with stacks.

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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Last-Gen.

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