DC: 10 Strongest Magic-Based Characters, Ranked

In the comics, magic is one of the most powerful forces of all and nowhere is this more true than in the DC Universe. Magic has been an integral part of some of the greatest conflicts heroes have ever been involved in, both to save the day and, at times, almost doom it. Many characters are empowered by this force, both hero and villain.

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Some of the most powerful magic users in the comics call the DC Universe home, using their arcane knowledge for altruistic purposes or for personal gain. There is even an entire branch of the Justice League dedicated to dealing with magic. However, not all magic users are the same, as some are stronger than others.

10 John Constantine uses his knowledge to defeat his enemies

John Constantine Hellblazer DC Comics

John Constantine is one of the most important magic users in the DC Universe. Making his way through life, he has faced some of the most dire magical threats out there. However, brute magical force is not his strong suit, as he prefers to hone his way through things, using his wits and knowledge to defeat all manner of enemies.

However, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a powerful magic user. Constantine has gained a great deal of magical knowledge over the years and when he has to, he can let loose with the best. Fearful and respected, John Constantine has made a name for himself as the bad boy of magic.

9 Shazam and Black Adam use magical energy to channel immense power (tie)

Black Adam Captain Marvel Shazam DC Comics

Shazam and Black Adam are empowered by the magic ray of the magician Shazam, the only difference is that the powers that Shazam has come from Greek and Roman sources, while those of Black Adam come from Egyptians. They have exactly the same power levels, but they use them in different ways.

Shazam is the best guy, having been a member of the Justice League and the Justice Society, using his powers to help those in need. Black Adam, on the other hand, battled Shazam for years before becoming an anti-hero who had no trouble killing. They are both very powerful, with magical energy that gives them their powers.

8 Zatanna can tackle some of the biggest magical threats solo


Zatanna has long been the magical user of the superhero community of the DC Universe. A former member of the Justice League and currently part of the Dark Justice League, Zatanna was trained from an early age by her father, the magician Zatara, in the ways of magic. Her type of spellcasting involves her speaking backwards to make magic happen and she has amassed some impressive magical feats over the years.

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Zatanna has used her powers to fight evil for years, taking over where her father left off. Her magic makes her one of the most powerful heroes in existence, allowing her to face some of the greatest magical threats.

7 Mordru cannot be defeated by a single hero

Mordru is a Lord of Chaos, a representative of all the chaos in the universe. In its millennia of existence, it has traveled the Earth and has fought against some of the most powerful beings that exist, acquiring more and more magical knowledge. Currently, he would find himself fighting the Justice Society and the Justice League. In the 31st century, he would become one of the Legion of Super-Heroes’ deadliest enemies, trying to take over the Wizarding World.

No matter what time period he was in, Mordru was one of the most powerful magic users out there. His magical knowledge, combined with his vast powers, made him a force to be reckoned with, one that no hero alone could defeat.

6 Dr. Fate’s helmet gives him access to the Tower of Destiny

dr destiny

Many have worn the mantle of Dr. Fate over the years. The Helmet of Destiny gives them their power, as it is the home of the Lord of Order known as Nabu. Through Nabu, the Helmet gives Doctor Fate many powers and access to the Tower of Destiny, one of the greatest repositories of magical knowledge in the DC Universe.

The first Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson, joined the Justice Society during World War II and would hold the mantle for years, and many others took his place, both in the Justice League and the Justice Society. . The current Dr. Fate, Khalid Nassour, is learning the ropes from Nelson and is proving to be a great Dr. Fate.

5 Circe receives power from the witch Hecate

With the power of the witch goddess Hecate, Circe has been a thorn in the side of the Olympian gods for centuries. In recent years, she has battled Wonder Woman, using her vast magical powers to torment the Amazon princess. Recently, Hecate poured even more of her power into Circe, making her an even more formidable threat than ever.

Circe’s long life has given her time to study magic, giving her one of the greatest bases of magical knowledge on Earth. Lately, he has been fighting the Justice League Dark, even gathering a group of his greatest enemies to take on the team.

4 The upside down man got trapped in the other place to contain his powers

The Upside-Down Man was created when magic first appeared. The light of magic created Hecate and its darkness created Man Upside Down. Hecate was afraid of him and trapped him in the Other Place. Upon breaking free, he began a quest to consume all the magic with the Justice League Dark as the only thing standing in his way.

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Composed entirely of magic, the Upside Down Man has a variety of powers and has defeated almost every magical opponent he encountered. Wonder Woman and the JLD have been forced to do very drastic things in her and the team’s battle against him.

3 The magician Shazam retains the seven deadly sins

The magician Shazam is one of the most powerful magical beings in all of creation. Residing in the Rock of Eternity, he contained the incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins and used his magic beam to empower many champions over the years. However, the Wizard was a great power on his own, capable of taking on most enemies.

Much of his power was focused on containing the Seven Deadly Sins, but the wizard Shazam has shown that he can take on the most powerful magic users when he has to and can use the full extent of his powers.

two Eclipso has access to a minimum of his old angelic powers

Eclipso was once the angel of God’s wrath, responsible for the biblical flood. However, he enjoyed his job too much and lost his status. Imprisoned in the Heart of Darkness, a giant black diamond would remain undiscovered until Bruce Campbell found the Heart. Eclipso would possess Campbell and others throughout the years, using their vast magical powers for his own ends.

Eclipso no longer has all of his angelic powers, but he is still one of the most powerful magical beings on Earth. He has proven himself to be almost more than a match for Earth’s heroes on his own and is one of the most dangerous magical threats out there.

1 The Specter is the most powerful magical being on Earth

The angel of God’s vengeance, the specter is the most powerful magical being on Earth. Taking revenge on those who hurt innocents is your lot in life, but to work better, you need a human host. In modern times, there have been various hosts, including Jim Corrigan, Hal Jordan, and Allen Crispin, each harnessing the mighty power of the Specter.

The Specter has proven to be one of the most powerful beings in creation. He has made a difference in many conflicts over the years, he has even been able to fight the Anti-Monitor himself. The spectrum makes all the other magic users look weak in comparison.

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