DC: 10 times more DCU almost finished

The DC comics universe has faced multiple events that end the world on a regular basis, which means that it has almost come to an end many times.

The DCU has a long legacy of world-ending events, each of which is often even larger than the last. Over the years, the DCU has nearly ended many times, so many that fans are almost expected to see another major crisis every two years.

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Each major event tends to establish a new status quo for the DCU and helps usher in a new era for DC. While heroes always save the day, it’s always a fun ride for fans.

10 Crisis on Infinite Earths

When the Anti-Monitor arrived on Earth, it spelled the end of the universe for all beloved heroes of the DCU. This battle even cost the lives of Supergirl and Barry Allen, and to some extent destroyed a good chunk of the DCU. He reshaped the multiverse by collapsing everything into a single planet instead of multiple planets. Crisis on Infinite Earths it’s considered one of the greatest comedic events of all time and it certainly lives up to the challenge.

9 Darkseid War

The New 52 Justice League and Green Lantern Corps during the Darkseid War

Once again, the Anti-Monitor is involved in the impending doom of the universe. Darkseid and Anti-Monitor bring their confrontation over the Anti-Life Equation to Earth and cause untold destruction. As they fight, the equation is unleashed on the heroes, making everyone worse. If Grail and Darkseid hadn’t stopped on Earth, the entire multiverse would have been doomed.

8 Dark Nights: Death Metal

The most recent DC event was a big one that set up the next stage for DC, Infinite border. Batman Who Laughs rebuilds the world in his image and fights heroes for the fate of the entire omniverse. As the creators’ hands reach out to finish reshaping the world, Wonder Woman stops them and agrees to take her place as the defender of the new multiverse.

7 Final Crisis

Final Crisis

Darkseid is one of the biggest threats that DCU heroes face. He is always around the corner waiting to launch his next attack on the galaxy. Final Crisis it was one of the last big crises before Flash point, Darkseid and his minions secretly invade Earth and systematically remove Earth’s best defenses. Darkseid even kills Batman with his omega rays, but the real threat is Mandrakk, The Dark Monitor. Mandrakk waits in the shadows for everyone else to fall in order to consume what remains of the universe.

6 Zero hour

Zero hour

Zero hour It is about Parallax, also known as Hal Jordan, taking his anger and pain out of an unsuspecting world. He wants to remake the whole world in his own unique vision. Jordan is doing this to erase all the events that led him to his insane path.

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Hal Jordan takes on all of his former teammates and, as always, the villain fails. Despite the fact that Hal eventually came back to the light after seeking redemption, Parallax’s legacy remained upon him for many years.

5 Flash point

Flash point DC

One of the most famous and popular events in DC is Flash point. This saw Barry Allen create an alternate reality when he tried to save his mother from being murdered. In this reality, the world was in the middle of World War III and Wonder Woman and Aquaman were tyrants. Bruce Wayne was dead and his father was Batman. The whole timeline was a disaster and Barry saved her once again by sacrificing his mother and her happiness.

4 Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis

The opposite of Crisis on Infinite Earths, this new crisis of Infinite Crisis it was about expanding the multiverse again, or so the heroes were led to believe. Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor of Earth-2 wanted to rewrite Earth-Prime to be like their home world of Earth-2, as well as restore multiple Earths to their rightful places. This crisis marks a turning point for Superboy-Prime and would have changed everything for these fan-favorite heroes.

3 Dark nights metal


When the Dark Multiverse invaded Earth, it seemed like the end of time for heroes. The dark bat god Barbatos wanted to drag everything into darkness to suffer as he had. Batman had to fight nightmarish versions of himself at all times, each one more vile than the last. Even Hawkman had been imprisoned in the dark. Barbatos was almost successful, but the heroes united and defeated the dark god.

two Year of the villain

the Year of the villain It was a multi-stage plan that showed how Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom helped Perpetua rise to power and begin her path of destruction through the multiverse. It started with Lex giving the villains greater abilities to better enable them to cause chaos and destruction, and it climaxed with the world choosing Doom over hope and happiness, allowing Perpetua her final foothold in the universe.

1 Invasion!

When Earth became too powerful, the aliens called The Dominators came to eliminate that threat. They created a genetic bomb that would destroy the metahumans on Earth, thus eliminating any threat to their invasion. The Dominators were successful in dropping the bomb, but the heroes were still able to send them packing in the end.

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