Destiny 2: Worldshaper Ornament turns an Exotic Sniper Rifle into the Dragon Slayer Sword of Berserk

There’s a new weapon ornament for Izanagi’s Charge in Destiny 2 that looks a lot like one of the most infamous weapons ever wielded in the anime.

One of the seasonal offers from the Eververse store at Destiny 2Season of the Chosen is the new Worldshaper ornament. This ornament changes the skin of Izanagi’s Charge Sniper Rifle, which already resembled a large sword, into something that closely resembles the weapon used by MaddenedMain character.

Destiny 2 you’ve referenced through your ornaments before, but these are usually internal references to content that’s on its way to the game. A prominent example is the Telesto Ornaments. Both Reef in Ruins and Dread from Below apparently hinted at future content that would be seen in Abandoned Y Shadowkeep, respectively.

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Nobody’s burden

Izanagis Burden Destiny 2

Izanagi’s Charge is a powerful sniper rifle in Destiny 2. Although not as unstoppable as it used to be, the weapon can still deal massive damage with a single shot. The weapon’s exotic trait allows wielders to hold down the reload button to reduce magazine size, but each round lost adds increased damage and range to the fired round. With a four-round clip, sacrificing three additional shots gives players a colossal damage boost.

Getting Izanagi’s charge was a test in itself, but one that was worth it for the weapon’s capabilities. Originally, players undergo a lengthy mission that involved obtaining a Mystery Box and unlocking it with rewarded keys by completing specific tasks during Forge Ignition activities. From there, players would have to delve into raids, complete special versions of Strikes, and rare rewards available at the time. Luckily for gamers now, getting Izanagi’s charge is much easier; It is available for purchase through the Monument to Lost Lights in the tower, although it will return an Exotic Cipher to the Guardians.

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Worldshaper Destiny 2 feature

For those interested in Worldshaper Ornament, it is available to purchase through the Eververse store. This can be accessed from Tess Everis in the Tower or from the Director’s Shop tab. It will run players 700 Silver, which costs around $ 6.99. Once purchased, the Adornment that appears in the player’s inventory must be opened before it can be equipped from the Izanagi Weapon Cosmetics menu.

dragon hunter

The Worldshaper ornament is almost a direct representation of Guts’ Dragon Slayer sword from Maddened. A weapon crafted by a blacksmith who had grown tired of the frivolous weapons the nobles asked for, went to work creating the blade when the nearby king ordered a sword capable of taking down dragons to be forged. The result was a weapon that was deemed too unwieldy for use in actual combat, and the blacksmith fled to his mine after his lord threatened his life.

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Berserk Guts

Years later, Guts tripped over the sword while fighting a demonic Apostle and found that he could wield it with ease, dispatching the enemy in two blows. The blacksmith, amazed at the way Guts was able to wield the weapon, allows the hero to take the Dragon Slayer and use it during his quest to eliminate the Apostles along with any other demons, spirits, or monsters that cross his path.

The Worldshaper ornament reflects the enormous size of the Dragon Slayer and the same rough iron look of the metal and hilt wraps. Although some have compared the cosmetic item to the Buster Sword used by Cloud in Final Fantasy VII, it looks much more like the infamous weapon of Maddened.

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