Dexter: episodes to see if you miss Dexter and Rita

For eight seasons and more than 100 episodes, Right handed became a household name and remains one of the many hit shows to come from the Showtime network. Right handed blew up successfully, not just because of Michael C. Hall’s performance of the troubled blood spatter analyst, but because of the wonderful stories and relationships he maintained (or demolished) along the way.

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Sure, viewers may prefer one of her love interests over another, but no one can argue with the impact Rita Bennett had on Dexter. She was just as damaged as he was, and because of that, they somehow made their relationship work. Rita was sweet, understanding and open to love again, despite the abuse she suffered from her ex-husband. Although Rita only survived until season four, her relationship and brief marriage to Dexter was memorable, and as fans prepare for the Right handed miniseries, they may want to take a walk down memory lane and experience their unique love story all over again.

10 Season 1, Episode 1: Dexter

Dexter and Rita eating pizza on the couch

Better to start all over with Dexter Morgan and Rita Bennett. Viewers already know about Dexter’s dark side, but with Rita and her children, they see a different side of him right away that will be difficult to handle. Seeing how Rita and Dexter’s relationship flourished from the show’s first episode to the last was moving and changed in many ways; but nevertheless, they navigated through life together.

In the first episode titled “Dexter”, viewers see the man himself interacting with Rita’s children, while also having a date with Rita that ends with an awkward intimate interaction.

9 Season 1, Episode 5: Love American Style

Rita crying while Dexter looks at her

After Dexter and Rita take things to the next level in episode four, emotions escalate when Rita’s co-worker’s husband dies. Although Dexter cannot understand what loss really feels like, he is there for Rita and tries to make an effort to support her. There are several heartfelt moments in this episode, though it’s awkward too.

Since Dexter cannot read emotions, he sways and fails when trying to provide Rita with privacy. Since they are watching a sad movie, Rita is crying, which is definitely the wrong place, the wrong time for the movements he makes with her. However, the episode provides growth within their relationship.

8 Season 1, Episode 9: Father Knows Best

Dexter, Deb, Rita and Brian dancing in a living room

Dexter can be adopted, but when his biological father passes away, he keeps his possessions. Although Dexter seems more confused than sad, Rita decides to accompany him on the way to clean the house of this stranger. This gesture shows how sweet Rita is, while she really wants to be a rock for Dexter right now.

Debra and Rudy, also known as The Ice Truck Killer and Dexter’s brother, also show up for support. Once they go through the record collection left behind, a fun-filled dance party breaks out, to which Dexter has no idea how to react. It’s a breath of fresh air in a series so dark and gory, it makes it even better.

7 Season 2, Episode 10: Something’s Up with Harry

Dexter and rita on the beach

Jumping to the end of the second season, Doakes is framed as “The Butcher of Bay Harbor”, Rita’s ex-husband Paul has died and Dexter has a chance to redeem himself with her. After Lila’s debacle, he gets carried away by Rita’s grace, so he ends up on the beach with her, Angel, and the kids.

After learning from Doakes that Harry died by suicide, Dexter’s relationship goes to a deeper level as they share his confusion and sadness. Although it is one of the saddest moments of the Right handed series, it was exactly what the two needed.

6 Season 3, Episode 1: Our Father

Rita and Dexter eating pudding by the fridge

In the season three premiere, Dexter’s life seems pretty on track and, as Dexter puts it, “Rita is the scaffold that keeps him in place.” She is making breakfast for the whole family and Cody asks her to come to Daddy’s Day at school. His relationship with Rita seems like it’s never been better, but as fans know, paradise doesn’t last forever.

After a binge on chocolate pudding and a semi-botched performance at Dad Day, Rita cries at the gesture. To close the episode, Dexter begins to realize that he needs to evolve in order to live, and Rita discovers that she is pregnant, which is a huge surprise to everyone.

5 Season 3, Episode 4: All in the Family

Dexter hugs Rita and Cody as Aster gets up from his chair

There is a lot to pack here and it is a breakthrough for Rita and her relationship with Dexter. Now that she knows she’s pregnant, she’s clinging to her sanity as she balances morning sickness, her kids, and snooty clients at work. After reaching her breaking point, she is fired, which is totally unnecessary. This gives Dexter more reason to propose, although he’s really not sure how. In the end, he takes the words of a murder suspect and spins them to fit his narrative.

Though not necessarily her own words, her proposal speech is emotional, as she asks Cody, Aster, and later Rita if she can be a part of her family through marriage. While it seems sincere to Rita and the kids, it’s a selfish motive for Dexter, so he may seem more like a family man to hide his darkness.

4 Season 3, Episode 12: Are You Taking Dexter Morgan?

Rita and Dexter get married in front of their friends

A lot happened in season three and in episode 12, Miguel Prado is killed by Dexter, and Rita still doesn’t know who Dexter really is. After an encounter with “The Skinner”, Dexter is gracefully late for his own wedding.

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Although he was close and nearly lost his life, his facade of a normal life resumes when he says “Yes, I do” to Rita. As they dance into the sunset, their worries are always on the surface, but just for a moment, their friends, family, and now his wife are all in one place and happy.

3 Season 4, Episode 11: Hello, Dexter Morgan

Rita handing Dexter an ice pack

Almost an entire season later, not everything is welcoming in the world of Rita and Dexter. They went into couples counseling to get over their issues, and before a therapy appointment, Rita finally tells Dexter that her next-door neighbor Elliot kissed her. As always, Dexter shows little emotion, but mentioned that he opened up more.

Later, Dexter mentions that he has forgiven Rita for the infidelity. In the end, to cover his tracks, he hits Elliot to show that he cares. Once again, while viewers know that he is not as upset as he seems, it is a sweet gesture to show Rita that he stands up for his own thing and cares.

two Season 4, Episode 12: The Getaway

Dexter kneeling in front of Rita sitting on her bed

As fans know, the last episode of season four is shocking and incredibly sad. Before Dexter finally sets off on that promised honeymoon at The Keys with Rita, plans change and Arthur Mitchell, “The Trinity Killer”, strikes again, though this time, it’s too close to home. Rita is murdered and eventually Dexter realizes that he loved her all the time and that Rita was good for him.

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Rita’s last words to him were, “We love you, bye,” which is a good way to say goodbye to his journey on the show. Fans can probably agree that his character was pulled from the show too early and, for once, Dexter’s emotions are authentic and real.

1 Season 5, Episode 1: My Bad

Dexter and Rita on their first date

To complete Dexter and Rita’s love story, the final interaction viewers see is a flashback to the season 5 premiere. Although Rita has already left, Dexter is struggling with it and remembers their first date. Both insecure and uncomfortable, the moments are precious, and at a time when things seemed so much simpler.

Even though Dexter had other intentions to bring Rita to the rendezvous, the spark is there and it takes a big hit at how healthy and good Rita was to Dexter’s world.

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