Disenchantment: the worst thing each main character did in season three

Season 3 of Disenchantment continues the story of the intrepid, yet complicated, Princess Bean and her two best friends, Luci and Elfo, after they all accidentally crash into an underground cavern populated by mole people (Trøgs). Also, his mother, Queen Dagmar, whom he had believed dead all along, and for the second time, makes her suspenseful appearance with panache.

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Things get much more confusing for Bean, both on the parental front, with King Zøg supposedly “descending into madness” and Dagmar continuing his inscrutable intrigues, as well as on the romantic front, as the young princess becomes falls in love the first time, with a mermaid named Mora. The other characters have their own adventures aside, of course, but not everything they do is sensible (or enjoyable).

10 Derek: invent his own constitution


Bonny Prince Derek is now the King of Dreamland, but he’s certainly not acting like one. Odval and the Archdruidea decide to take advantage of his innocence and immaturity as they had done before to convince him to sentence his own sister to death.

They give him a list of laws and edicts to read in court, but when Merkimer the Pig prompts him to do so, Derek starts making up random rules out of nowhere. Interestingly, his version of the kingdom is surprisingly liberal and democratic, but there is no way it will work in that world.

9 Sorcerio – His silly wink


Sorcerio, the royal court magician, isn’t the most annoying character ever, but his persistent rejection of Odval’s basic instructions verges on boring.

His partner informs him that there is no reason to say the word “wink” while performing the action at the same time, mainly because he reveals that they have been up to something (to any stranger eavesdropping). Sorcerio does not understand this. (or pretends not to), much to Odval’s chagrin.

8 Odval – Attempts to assassinate Zøg

Odval and Zog

Odval, on the other hand, is actually planning to assassinate King Zøg in his sleep, but they choose to wait until he dies from his attack (an accidental one caused by Bean). Zøg mistakenly learns of the plan and makes a deal with the loyal Pendergast to get him out of the castle and into safety.

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Unfortunately, this ploy is discovered and Zøg discovers that his knight has been beheaded for this “crime” and will be buried alive. The Archdruidea is directly involved in this, but there is speculation about Odval’s role.

7 Bunty – Has a sleepover on Bean’s bed


Bunty clearly has some deep-seated anger issues, probably stemming from the horrible way she’s treated by the royal house (and everyone else).

He seems to take it out on his employers in the form of passive-aggressive behavior, such as when Bunty happily brings her children so they can all sleep in Princess Bean’s bed. This would have been understandable if Little Bunty, her youngest daughter, had not disclosed that she had been “conceived in this bed”, which is a serious breach of trust.

6 Oona – Leave Bean to deal with things

Oona and Bean

Oona, the Pirate Queen, attends her son’s wedding to a fairy named Sagatha, but realizes that she needs her longer due to her ex-husband’s mental capacity and the Archdruid’s instigated assassination attempt in broad light. of the day.

She helps Bean come to terms with various of his emotions, mainly by letting her have a psychedelic trip with some kind of hallucinogenic substance. However, when things start to get tough, Oona tells her stepdaughter that she has to go back to being a pirate.

5 Luci – Zøg Tricks with a Stray Cat


Bean asks Luci to stay with her father, while she and Elfo travel to Steamland, and he reluctantly accepts this task. Sadly for him, the king treats him like a cat, which is terribly humiliating for the little demon.

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The worst is when Zøg places a ruff around his neck and takes him for a walk around town. As bad as it might have been, it was terrible of Luci to swap places with a talking cat. Given the man’s condition, he should at least have tried to be more responsible.

4 Zøg – I can’t stop thinking / talking about food

Thrown away

To be fair, King Zøg’s mind is too scattered to do anything really horrible this season, but his psychological state does result in some strange results. For example, it begins to randomly explode into horns and other strange sounds, which is warranted after its underground passage in a coffin.

But then she constantly brings food in at the strangest times, as shown when she asks Oona if this or that dish would be available in the kitchens. This continues even as the scenario has turned deadly serious.

3 Elf – He uses Trixy

Elf and Bean

Trixy the Trøg shows a chilling level of affection for Elfo, but the elf fully agrees at first. Sure, he seems too strong at times, which makes his new lover nervous, but he’s a genuinely kind character. For example, help them escape from prison and escape from Queen Dagmar.

What does Elfo do? Forget about Trixy completely, until she finds him again later. At this point, he is happy to agree with her ideas, which implies that he thinks of her as nothing more than a means to an end.

two Dagmar – Attempts to fix Bean’s marriage (?)

Queen Dagmar

Dagmar has done many heinous things in her life, from literally trying to petrify her husband with an elaborate magic potion to trick her daughter into fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Thankfully, she disappears for much of the midseason, but when she returns at the climax, it’s to kidnap Bean and drag her down to what looks like the bowels of Hell.

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Here, her daughter sees the silhouette of a man standing on an altar, and Dagmar announces that “the bride has arrived”, suggesting that she wants to marry Bean to him (consensual or not).

1 Bean – Abandons his father to a mysterious fate

Bean understands the difficulty Dreamland is in and hesitantly concludes that it would be better for her to take the throne (when Elfo reminds her that she has been doing her father’s work the entire time without realizing it). Still, instead of making sure Zøg is well taken care of, he sends him somewhere with Dankmire’s Chazzzzz.

She may have believed that he would ensure her father’s well-being, but he takes the former king to an extremely creepy-looking asylum.

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