Disney is often synonymous with the medium of animation, but their work has also very frequently extended to the realms of live action. Featuring characters like Mary Poppins, Herbie the Love Bug, and Captain Jack Sparrow, their live-action creations are just as adorable and endearing as the animated ones.

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Even with such a phenomenal collection of live-action characters, there are some that shine more than others. Some of which are simply supporting and supporting roles. With the flood of live-action Disney movies floating around today, it’s about time these characters get the attention and respect they deserve.

10 Xianniang / The Witch (Mulan)

There is one thing that the 2020 adaptation of Mulan I should have explored more, it is the character of the Witch. Surprisingly, the largest fantasy element in the Chinese warrior legend retelling was only briefly explained during conversations.

A shape-shifting spellcaster who is exiled from her clan and forced into Bori Khan’s service, how has she not already been made into a movie? Xianniang has a story that must be told.

9 The Genie (Aladdin)

Will Smith Blue Genie Movie Aladdin

Will Smith will never replace Robin Williams, but his portrayal of the genius of Aladdin left an impact. Given there are technically 1,000 more Arabian nights, perhaps Smith’s character could return for other adventures?

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Who wouldn’t want to see this lovable boy rub shoulders with characters like Ali Baba, Sinbad, and other characters? It would offer Disney the opportunity to do something original with the inspiration rather than another remake.

8 Pooh and his friends (Christopher Robin)

Take one thing clearly clear, although Pooh is the most familiar character in Christopher Robin, he, in the rest of the Hundred Acre crew, was essentially playing a supporting role to Ewan McGregor. Would it be so terrible if they got the proper live action treatment?

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That said, CGI would need drastic improvements. Despite his lovable nature, not everyone loves the dead, empty, and soulless eyes of Pooh bear live. Still, with the correct script and options, it could work.

7 Captain Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Captain Jack could be the face of the pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but Geoffrey Rush was simply born to be a pirate captain. Whether it’s a prequel, a spin-off, an alternate universe, or whatever, there has to be a way to get it back.

Even if it’s just the Barbossa character, fans of the series would no doubt flock to theaters in search of more swashbuckling action. And don’t forget to bring the jumpsuit.

6 Rocket and Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Rocket and Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

They are the MCU’s dynamic duo and yet they haven’t had their own solo adventure yet. But why not? Interactions about the relationship between Rocket and Groot would generate Marvel’s greatest sense of comedy Ant Man.

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Marvel is literally sitting on a comic gold mine of material – there’s no reason the two couldn’t go it alone, especially after the upcoming Thor sequel. But honestly, anything involving these two would be a riot.

5 The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland)

If ever there was a character who rivaled Captain Jack for Johnny Depp, it is the Mad Hatter. Alice in Wonderland It could have suffered from a horrible script, but that doesn’t mean Tim Burton can’t redeem himself with another chance.

Fans would enjoy seeing this character come to life again.

4 Captain Phasma (Star Wars)

Phasma star wars

There were so many Star Wars characters that were killed too soon, and Captain Phasma is the queen. The new trilogy might be over, but there’s plenty of room for more Star Wars spin-offs, and this silver nightmare has a story to tell.

The script would undoubtedly have to come from Delilah S. Dawson’s novel, the film that brings Phasma’s origins to life would be a violent and gripping thriller the galaxy has never known.

3 C-3PO and R2-D2

Another set of Star Wars The supporting characters that need the most attention are those two lovable droids fans have known since the ’70s, C-3PO and R2-D2. Wouldn’t it be great to see them explore the Galaxy on their own? After all, what kind of nonsense did they do while in the company of Princess Leia?

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Wouldn’t it be totally proper to see R2 running off on some mission with 3PO reluctantly hot on his heels? There are certainly more than a few snippets the two droids could be exposed to, and fans would love to see that comedy of errors.

two Yellow (the Mandalorian)

Din Djarin and Grogu’s story might be over by now, but a series of sequels would definitely have to star in the little green bundle of joy that isn’t so small anymore. A series involving an adolescent or even adult Grogu would be an ideal follow-up to The Mandalorian.

Grogu would be seen going through his Jedi training, but perhaps even remembering some things from his time with the Bounty Hunter as well. A Jedi using Mandalorian techniques? That would definitely recommend some new viewers.

1 Bert (Mary Poppins)

Dick Van Dyke as Bert in the Disney movie

While Mary Poppins may or may not appear, a solo movie starring everyone’s favorite singing chimney sweep would be a real treat. Dick Van Dyke is a tough act to follow, but with the right cast, script, and musical numbers, this can be done.

While the nanny’s mysterious origins better remain mysterious, Bert could have a very interesting life story. Why do you do so many odd jobs? How did you get to know Mary Poppins? All the things that could be answered in this movie.

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