Doctor Strange just forged Marvel’s newest magical artifact, a dark ring

Doctor Strange has just forged a magical ring destined to contain the dark power, giving the Marvel Universe its latest and most powerful artifact.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Strange Academy # 8!

Like Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme, Strange doctor He has used many ancient and powerful artifacts to protect Earth from dangerous magical threats, but has only recently begun to make them himself. During Mark Waid’s tenure in Strange doctor, Stephen made a serious commitment to creating his own magical tools, a skill set that now benefits the Strange academy.

In Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos’ Strange academyThe Marvel version of Hogwarts has just been attacked, wounding Doyle Dormammu, the son of Doctor Strange’s multiversal nemesis, and Emily Bright, an exceptionally powerful young wizard. Although Doctor Strange himself is able to save Emily from the dark magic that runs through her body, it is Emily herself whose magic is powerful enough to bring Doyle back to life, succeeding where her experienced magical teachers and guardians failed.

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In Strange Academy # 8, Doyle is in therapy for the psychological trauma of his death and resurrection, while Emily’s regular classes are interrupted by Doctor Strange himself, who teleports them to his home office in his Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange tells Emily that they were able to remove almost all of the dark magic from her body and gives her a ring with magic power to help with what is left. Forged from Doyle Dormammu’s bounding crown, the ring will keep the dark remnants within Emily at bay.

Doctor Strange Academy Ring

The obvious parallels to the Ring of Power of The Lord of the rings are clear, bringing the common fantasy theme of the empowered rings to the world of Strange. Crafted from a freely given piece from one of the Faltine, the ring is already packed with power, and that isn’t likely to change, as the mysteriously powerful Emily Bright uses it on future adventures. The Marvel universe already contains numerous supernatural rings, as well as the Ten Rings of the Mandarin and the new Infinity Rings that will be featured in the next Marvel movie. Heroes reborn, so Strange’s new creation is in good company (albeit wildly dangerous).

This new magic ring was created from the son of Dormammu, the multiversal villain of Doctor Strange, and created by the Supreme Sorcerer, now adorns the little finger of someone who is still discovering his place in a world greater than anyone could. understand. Strange doctor She may have closed a significant chapter in the school’s childhood existence by ensuring the survival and safety of her students, but Emily Bright is now the bearer of a magical artifact of incredible portent, and if the comics guarantee anything, it’s that an element of this meaning will. it will eventually pay off in the epic circumstances that forged it. Hopefully like Strange academy Go on, Emily will find that the ring does nothing more exciting than keep her safe from the dark magic she absorbed. Sadly for her, things are likely to be much, much more complicated than that, especially if Dormammu hears that there is a human hanging around with a piece of her son as jewelry.

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