Doctor Strange’s Nemesis Nightmare just revealed that he can kill Galactus and Celestials

Nightmare has been one of Doctor Strange’s most powerful foes, and in Marvel’s new issue, fans can see just how powerful he is.

Spoilers for Marvel # 4 ahead!

One of Strange doctor greatest enemies, Nightmare, has become so powerful that it is taking over and defeating some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, including the Celestials and Galactus. In the sequence Overture in Marvel # 4, by Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross and Steve Darnall, readers can get a horrifying glimpse of Nightmare on the Peak of Godhead; the issue is now available in stores and on all digital comic platforms.

Nightmare is one of Strange’s most powerful enemies, and one of the oldest, appearing for the first time in Strange tales # 110 way back in 1963. He rules over a “Dream Dimension” where he subjects captives to torture. Within the confines of this Dream Dimension, Nightmare’s power is absolute: it is a god. Doctor Strange first encountered him while helping an innocent man plagued with nightmares, and the two have been adversaries ever since. Nightmare has become a threat to many more Marvel heroes, including Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, and the Hulk. Now, Nightmare takes the fight to the cosmic beings of the Marvel Universe and wins.

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The theme begins with Nightmare triumphant over the bodies of Galactus and the Celestials; he has also impaled Ego the Living Planet in the eye. The heroes are also under Nightmare’s spell: Doctor Strange is alone against Nightmare. Once the other stories in the issue conclude, readers see Nightmare, now incredibly powerful, ready to face Eternity, the Living Tribunal, and even Death himself. As Nightmare enters the battle, he tells Strange that the powers that made him a conqueror will now make him a god. That’s when Strange realizes that Nightmare is using the power of dreams to reshape reality, and now he has to find a way to stop it.

Nightmare’s ability to control dreams has been transformed into the ability to take those dreams and use them to alter the fabric of the universe. His alterations have attracted the attention of many of Marvel’s cosmic-powered beings. He has already sent the Celestials and Galactus—Don’t stoop themselves; now the real heavyweights stand in Nightmare’s way, and there is a real chance that he will defeat them. As will be Strange doctor be able to stop Nightmare, especially since he’s shot some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe?

There are rumors that Nightmare will make its Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness, and this problem shows how formidable an enemy can be, capable of rewriting reality itself.

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