Fan opinions on Dragon Ball GT they are mixed, to put it lightly. It’s not all bad, as Super Saiyan 4 was an excellent design and some of the villains like Baby were quite entertaining. However, in general, he is hated, and a big reason is because of what they did to Goku. He’s the only one doing anything (with Pan standing near him).

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Worse than that, the trick of turning him back into a child to relive the Dragon Ball days was horrible. It shouldn’t have continued the length of the series like it did. The fights weren’t much better as many of them resulted in wins for Goku that made no sense or were riddled with plot convenience.

10 Ledgic would have been the perfect person to give Goku a backhand as he adjusts to being in child form again.

Not that Ledgic is a particularly strong opponent. He’s a titular villain for a reason, after all. The reason Goku should have lost has less to do with him and more to do with Goku becoming a kid again.

Ledgic would have been the perfect person to give Goku a setback as he adjusts to being in boy form again. Instead, the only problem Goku has as a kid is that he can’t do an instant broadcast and sometimes has stamina issues. It makes the whole transformation useless and stupid.

9 Goku would not have been able to defeat the creation if Luud had completely absorbed people instead of just storing them within him.

Anime Dragon Ball GT Luud overheats angry

Luud had a horrible design, he looked like a giant metal baby. That doesn’t change how powerful a being was, one that required very specific conditions in order to take it down. Having absorbed Pan and Dolltaki, the Machine God was unstoppable, requiring Pan and Goku to strike his heart at the same time.

While they take a few tries to bring him down, Goku wouldn’t have been able to beat the creation if Luud had completely absorbed people instead of just storing them inside him.

8 For a being that was supposedly stronger than Buu, General Rilldo was handled quite easily by Super Saiyan Goku.

It would be one thing if Goku was getting help throughout the fight, but it was mostly just the two of them. Rilldo kept having to continually transform to keep up with Goku, who as a child, should be weaker than his adult form.

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It’s the biggest problem with Goku’s stunt as a kid. He rarely came into play during fights. It was a normal Goku, only smaller.

7 If it hadn’t been for Kibito Kai’s timely arrival, Goku should have been left biting the dust against Baby Vegeta.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Baby Vegeta

When they first fought, Goku finally had trouble maintaining a form because he was a kid, Super Saiyan 3 was too much for him. That led to Baby Vegeta getting mad at him in a fight that should have ended with Goku biting the dust had it not been for Kibito Kai’s timely arrival.

The convenience gets even worse when they fight again, and Goku can turn into a Golden Great Ape and eventually a Super Saiyan 4 because he looked at the earth (blutz waves are similar to a moon). It was all just a way to reveal the new Super Saiyan form.

6 Goku using Super Dragon Fist does not change the fact that he had no right to win against Super 17

It is something common in shonen and something that will never make sense; A hero will be wielded by a villain while in his most powerful state, when he is suddenly forced into his weakest form and manages to gain victory, usually due to the power of friendship.

Friendship doesn’t play a role here, just an irritated android and a legitimately cool callback Dragon Ball. Goku using Super Dragon Fist in a similar way to how he defeated King Piccolo was good service for the fans, but it doesn’t change the fact that he had nothing to gain.

5 Rage Shenron was hit by the rain …

Battles tended to have extremely poor endings in Dragon Ball GT, few live up to expectations. None are worse than what happened to Rage Shenron. He had taken full control of the fight, having drained the electricity from the entire city to spread mud all over it.

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He had Goku and Pan on the brink of death when it rains, shorting his slime body. That’s right, one of the last seven baddies of the series was defeated by rain. It is an example of writers who write in a corner.

4 Goku should have been punished for playing with enemies like Haze Shenron

Haze Shenron is the weakest of his brothers, without exception. He screamed in pain when a brick fell on his foot and he should have been easy prey for Goku. He had a trump card, and that was the fact that his contamination helped weaken those around him until he was able to gain an advantage over them.

Goku and Pan are able to strip him of that ability, but only due to the actions of Giyu, a mutant machine who befriended them early in the series. It’s not as heinous as other moments in the series, but for once, Goku should have been punished for playing with enemies.

3 After Eis Shenron slashed Goku in the eyes to blind him, he should have given Eis a larger opening to attack.

The fight itself is fine, with Eis giving up after Goku managed to get past him in their fight. It’s one of the best fights in GT as Eis continually uses clandestine tactics to gain an advantage against a stronger opponent.

The most trouble is found at the end when Eis’s surrender is revealed to be a trick, allowing her to cut Goku in the eyes to blind him. It should have given him a bigger opening to attack, or at least Nouva intervened. Instead, Goku impales him with a punch because his ki senses are so high.

two Even though other dragons had fought Goku in Super Saiyan 4, namely Eis and Nuova, Syn Shenron was somehow now being completely dominated by Goku.

Syn Shenron was the alpha and omega of the Shadow Dragons, the strongest of the seven. No wonder he started kicking Goku’s tail early in the fight, as Goku was exhausted and also blind. The other Saiyans soon arrive to help with the resistance part of Goku’s problem, but not the fact that he is blind.

Even though other dragons had fought Goku in Super Saiyan 4, namely Eis and Nuova, Syn was somehow now being completely dominated by Goku. Not to mention that Goku was still blind, something that apparently doesn’t affect the Saiyan.

1 The fight against Omega Shenron is just a mess of fluctuating energy levels

The whole fight is full of moments that don’t make sense. First, Goku randomly regains his sight and proceeds to overpower Omega, forcing him to regenerate from a Dragon Hammer that apparently killed him.

Once back in the fight, Omega begins to dominate not only a tired Goku but also a newcomer Vegeta. Finally, Gogeta comes into play to take the lead for a while, but the fight is a mess of fluctuating power levels.

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