The Elder Scrolls 5: The Humble Shelf of Skyrim is a must-have for all open world games that allow players to collect sundries.

One of the loveliest mechanics in select open-world games is when the player is allowed to collect meaningless trinkets along the way. Games like Fall out Y Cyberpunk 2077 let the player collect a large portion of the items from their worlds, but these do little outside of taking up space in the player’s inventory. Ancient documentsSkyrim, fixed this problem by introducing a simple piece of furniture that allows players to easily display some of their most prized possessions.

Skyrim was released in 2011 and has remained one of the most respected open world games for the past decade. Set is a huge fantasy world, the player must discover why dragons have returned to the kingdom as a war rages around them. Players have access to hundreds of weapon and armor sets, as well as a staggering number of miscellaneous items that they can add to their inventories. There are also more than 300 books in Skyrim that players can take with them and read to acquire skills, unlock missions, or for recreational purposes.

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Instead of forcing the player to keep these books in their inventory or to store them in an inventory-like container, Skyrim allows players to place books and other items on a shelf that correctly (and automatically) displays them in ordered rows. This gives those who like interior decorating a reason to collect items, and allows players who enjoy collecting items a place to display their treasures. Every open world game needs a piece of furniture equivalent to Skyrim Bookshelf. If a game is going to allow players to randomly collect toys, books, and vinyl records, it also needs a place for collectors players to store all of their items.

Why all open world games need Skyrim bookshelves

skyrim shelves full

One of the most interesting parts of the dystopian genre books, movies and video games is how the main character maintains his humanity in dangerous times. In The book of Eli, it was through the music of an iPod. In Isle of Dogs, is with man’s best friend. But in video games, humanity is defined by the player. In a game like Fallout 4Where death lurks around every corner, humanity can be found in the pages of a comic book or in the collection of all the big heads in Vault Boy. Fortunately, Fallout 4 has its own versions of the Skyrim bookshelf for its comics and bobbleheads, but what about other collectibles? Players who want to collect all kinds of Nuka Cola are forced to carefully place each bottle on a shelf using the game’s unstable physics, and then pray each time they load into the area that the items don’t fall to the ground.

What’s worse is when an open world game allows players to collect cool items but doesn’t allow them to display them in none path. Compare Minecraft Y Cyberpunk 2077: Both Cyberpunk Y Minecraft They have vinyl records that players can find scattered across their worlds, but only 10-year-olds Minecraft allows players to display and listen to those records. Cyberpunk 2077They all have album covers and rarities, but their sole purpose is to be sold at a junk shop. Even if they can’t be played, a way to display them on a shelf or wall would have been a great addition to the game. Even allowing players to frame and mount a vinyl in their apartment would have given the records a bit more purpose than they serve now.

Not everyone plays an open world game like it’s a collectible marathon, but for the select few who do, it would be nice to have the option to store their loot. One person’s trash is another’s treasure, but what good is that treasure if it can’t be displayed? the Skyrim the bookshelf is a perfect example of how games should allow the player to display their items. Sure, the books may not serve a higher purpose, but a shelf full of them makes the gamer a little happier each time they return home.

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