A fan accidentally or intentionally spread a rumor about Paola Mayfield, claiming she doesn’t want any more children. Look how Russ’s wife responded.

Former 90 day fiancé Star Paola Mayfield has a huge following on social media. He has over 1 million followers on his personal Instagram account and over 100K on his fitness-related IG page. When interacting with such a large audience, it’s common for reality TV stars’ words to be misinterpreted or molded into something they never said. That’s what happened recently with Paola when she had to educate one of her followers about the dangers of rumors.

After appearing in several seasons of 90 day fiancé, Paola has earned both followers and enemies. Every time he introduces a new look on Instagram, he receives tons of compliments from his fans and junk messages from his enemies. They recently called her “thirsty“for posting a video of the popular TikTok Buss It Challenge with her husband, Russ Mayfield. She has also been accused of changing her husband as he was once quite shy and conservative and now he doesn’t mind doing hot poses with his Colombian wife. But this TLC couple generally ignores hatred and does whatever they want.

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However, Paola recently failed to act calm and criticized a fan who intentionally or unintentionally tried to spread a lie about her. Paola posted a photo with Russ and their three-year-old son, Axel Mayfield, with a caption that read: “We did something.“She was trying to promote her new YouTube video and asked fans to head over to her channel to find out exactly what she was talking about. Check out the picture Paola posted on his IG:

One of his curious fans asked him if he was “pregnant already?“Another fan chimed in”Sdoes not want more children.“But, it seems that this fan / troll was not informed and passed the wrong information. Paola did not let the rumor spread and quickly cleared the air. She replied:”TWhat is false I never said that I did not want more children. In fact, I said I was going to adopt. Tired of people with their gossip and lies.“It seems the troll misinterpreted Paola’s statement. But it’s great to know that Russ’s wife and one’s mom have plans to adopt.

Being popular has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages. The show’s producers also film and edit episodes in a way that viewers will find interesting. They have to turn someone into a villain and create conflict. For example, the newest 90 day fiancé Star Jovi Dufren is currently being portrayed as an alcoholic, while his fiancee Yara Zaya looks like a gold digger.

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